DIY Electric Car conversion # see how it work

this is my high speed electric car project
motor 60 volt 2500 watt brush

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  1. Jose Martinez

    Well, I'm not exactly an specialist in these conversions but…adding all that weight and unnecessary friction instead of going with some kind of coupling seems not to be very practical.


    Muy bien pero porqué hay que dejar esa parte del motor, mientras menos peso tenga será más veloz…habría que diseñar una base para el motor eléctrico y la unión a la transmisión…

  3. Бахыт Жанов

    Хитрый, не хочет показывать свои шлёпанцы, но я все равно узнал, они варят всё подряд.Центруют на глаз.Мы просто в ахуе от них.

  4. fisioserv

    why not connect electric motor directly to drive shaft where the clutch was… this u have lots of variants . like heat in shaft and bearings without oil and chain alignment. But Great idea….

  5. Ronald Harris

    the motor is going to burn that belt out quickly mate the motor directly to the trans put it in second gear and have fun go to the ev west channel they sell the parts needed for a conversion

  6. strattuner

    no cooling system, no fuel, rip out rear seating and unecessary weight for addition of extra batteries,yeah its doable,saw a guy replace his 350 chevy engine with a 21hp tiller motor,turned torque converter,his fuel lasted sometimes a tank for two months,around town some hiway short spurts,imagination works

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