Disassembling a 2012 Nissan Leaf Battery Pack

Watch as I extract 48 individual 8 volt cells for some projects here. I also included a cold start on the home made waste oil stove, and a quick ride on the Cushman which has just been converted! Thanks for watching tubers, Jeff.

47 Replies to “Disassembling a 2012 Nissan Leaf Battery Pack”

  1. j jones

    Jeff, I love your videos! Anything you do will be interesting. You are a true craftsman and have a passion for mechanical and electrical. A video on the scissor lift or anything else would be cool!

  2. Marc Brassé

    I am designing an electric motorcycle and decided to take the leaf battery cell as a starting point since it seems to be a very practical format. At the moment it is just a "paper" project but knowing me it might very well still become hardware in the end. Thanks for the great explanation.

  3. Bear Crane

    Wow, thanks, I was watching it for the battery disassembly, when you showed the electric cart that was great, I have a John Deere Electric Gator, same sort of configuration,, bunch of lead acid batt's ,, so how would I do the same to the Gator? It is charged with a big welder type box deal,

    Cheers, from california.

  4. tommartyn

    hahah! Nice Jeff! Digging the cushman preview at the end too! Thing really books 🙂 I do that sometimes, just get excited knowing i've got some awesome related footage coming up, so i throw a little in at the end. Yeah, that's awesome man. I really thought you might be re-building the whole battery pack as a project. The way you took it all apart, everything looked salvageable. But yeah, that gives you tons of good batteries to do stuff with. Would they work well for a solar panel setup? Another question, could you make a portable arc welder out of all that? Have it just on a cart, pull it around, and weld for an hour or so?

  5. Chip Wright

    That's pretty cool Jeff! Hey, if it peaks your interest, there is a really good chance that it will peak our interest as well. It never would have crossed my mind to do a conversion like this.

  6. dtec30

    As I'm finding out jeff life is a learning curve I just wished I had some video of some of the things dad used to do in the shed and with his cars I could kick myself now hindsight being 20/20

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