Disabling Nissan Leaf fake engine sounds with Car Guru Rich

Rich the Car Guru helps Jesse take apart his Nissan Leaf in this Off the Grid Bonus Episode! The Nissan Leaf makes an artificial engine sound when driving slowly to warn pedestrians that the EV is approaching… It also chimes when it is in reverse. Watch as Jesse guts his leaf to shut this unwanted feature off!

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27 Replies to “Disabling Nissan Leaf fake engine sounds with Car Guru Rich”

  1. weegaz22

    Who is this imposter and what have you done with the real Rich? Rich would never use actual tools like screwdrivers, i didnt see a butter knife anywhere in this video…. with regards to the sound the leaf makes you should try and replace it with the sound of an open piped 427.

  2. americanhindi

    I actually like the reverse sound in my LEAF. It tells people in the parking lots to move off my reverse path. I actually miss this when I'm driving other vehicles. The forward sound IMO is not that annoying. Its somewhat musical and pretty quiet. Even Rich said "Its super quiet" at 1:09 My point it is that it won't wake up someone sleeping. It's that quiet. It just gets attention of jaywalkers. I don't think this should be disabled.

  3. Susan Baker

    Could you make me a module that sounds GOOD?  Like a Maserati, a Porsche, or a MG running on 3 !     And I need a switch in the glove box so it can go Factory, Silent, Maserati, bad Mower.

  4. Import Domestic

    When Rich was talking about the wheel locks for the Nissan leaf I just totally lost it and laughed my ass off because who the hell would want to steal the wheels off a Nissan Leaf!
    Again I ask who in their right mind would want to steal the wheels off a Nissan Leaf 🍃 😂 🤣😂🤣

  5. Rayner Bønå

    Rather disconnect the speaker.
    The sounds don't bother me, plus I have the button to turn it off 😉
    There is a speaker at the left front of the car, pretty sure that's the one that makes the warning sounds..

  6. Siclmn Cyclerider

    So your a bunch of laughing immature children that think it's so cool that you had someone remove the safety equipment from your car while you watched and made jokes. Now one day your backing up and you run someone over because they didn't hear you. I hope they sue your ass off.

  7. Ronald Fradet

    You should mention that only us resident can apply. Apparently we cant bring a tesla model S in Canada without modification. Also there was some other legal issues. anyway the person interviewed contacted me to explain the situation very nice person BTW

  8. Eric Albert

    Glad you got rid of the noise. Is that back up noise required for an inspection? Do you have inspections in MA? I used to live in CT and they had them there, don't remember about MA. I'm down in FL now though. Thanks for the video's. 😀

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