Did You Know – The First Cars Were Electric?

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Hand Crank Video:

New York Times – January 11, 1914

Automobile Topics – March, 1914


0:00 JackLNDN – Aeterna

1:15 Need a Name – Road to Berlin

2:56 Tom Misch – The Journey

4:02 Catching Flies – The Long

5:00 Jakatta – American Dream [Afterlife Mix] (Beatless Version)

6:05 Nova Nova – Tones

7:20 Summer of Haze – Pu$$y Juice

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21 Replies to “Did You Know – The First Cars Were Electric?”

  1. FooBar Maximus

    The problem with Edison was that while he had big dreams, he didn't know how anything worked. His 6th grade education failed him. He was smart enough to hire others – and then steal their ideas and patents. But Edison was an ego-driven capitalist who knew less than nothing about electric cars or batteries. Full stop.

  2. Rob McCarthy

    You forgot to add that many people broke their arm cranking the electric car. It cracks me up how people think electric cars or something new. Take a look at Tesla stock price, this is November 11th 2019. Look at the chart and the messages on the Yahoo message board. People think it's something new.


    There was a period in the 20th century when the Electric car rode the great milk float to heaven… then crashed back down.

    There was also a case where Ferdinand Porsche replaced the battery in an electric system with a petrol engine, got some mild success and then tried in a tank. Didn’t end well.

  4. Luke Vincel

    that is simply incorrect:
    the first electric car (made in 1832) was made before the gas powered car
    but the first STEAM powered car was made in 1769 by a french inventor by the name of Cognot
    doesn't need to be any more complex than that
    don't feel bad in any way shape or form, it's not well known

  5. Tracy Cramer

    If this video isn't clickbait… How can anybody possibly ask what happened to electric cars in the early part of the 20th century.

    Well, you got my click because I had to chime in on this garbage…

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