Did Elon’s Tesla Semi Unveiling Reveal TOO Much? (Muskwatch w/ Kyle Hill & Dan Casey)

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Elon teased a new electric semi, but he revealed so much more! Kyle and Dan lay it all out on this week’s Muskwatch!

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Dan Casey
Kyle Hill

20 Replies to “Did Elon’s Tesla Semi Unveiling Reveal TOO Much? (Muskwatch w/ Kyle Hill & Dan Casey)”

  1. Piotr S

    I'm skeptical about this truck. Perhaps the most important parameter of a truck is how much cargo it can take (and keep in mind that total mass is limited by regulations, so trucks won't damage the roads too much). An electric truck will require massive batteries. Literally massive. This means less cargo than in conventional truck.

  2. Sean Wadey

    So when another company makes an electric car with a top speed of ~250mph and a range of 500+ miles they can start racing them on Formula 1 or NASCAR tracks… Or maybe Tesla could make about a dozen of these and sponsor a race with drivers from multiple race types, might help Tesla with some of its money issues which might help it with its productions issues.

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