Diablo 3 – Nintendo Switch Trailer

The Diablo III: Eternal Collection includes the Reaper of Souls expansion and the Necromancer class, and is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Review

Necromancer Ability Comparison (Diablo 2 vs. Diablo 3):

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43 Replies to “Diablo 3 – Nintendo Switch Trailer”

  1. kfuffle

    So all the comments regarding graphics ….. Obviously because 4k visuals are the be all and end all … This renders such games as chrono trigger , super metroid, Zelda , castlevania sotn , as garbage yeah ?? I'm not so certain of that personally but hey horses for courses and all that

  2. Carl Lazarraga

    I will literally only be buying a switch for diablo. My blizzard account got locked a few years ago after a couple hundred hours into reaper of souls, and ive been thinking about getting back into the grind. I cant think of a better way to do it than on a portable machine.

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