DF Retro EX: Xbox One Reveal Revisited – Is 'TVTVTV' As Bad As You Remember?

Continuing our look back at noted console reveals, Rich Leadbetter, John Linneman and Alex Battaglia tackle one of the biggest reveal disasters of all-time. Join the team as they return to May 2013 to revisit the unveiling of the Xbox One, the full debut of Kinect 2.0, the bizarre emphasis on watching TV, the baffling lack of game content and so much more.

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32 Replies to “DF Retro EX: Xbox One Reveal Revisited – Is 'TVTVTV' As Bad As You Remember?”

  1. Max Blair

    Anybody else notice that everybody looks the exact same except Phil? He comes off as the "cool guy" ….also, they ALL have the same gold band on their ring finger. I call and always have called bullshit. Trying to come off as a family friendly and very American console…..XBOX marketing is as fake as it gets in my opinion. Predictable, inaccurate and just down right up their own ass.

  2. Musti505

    LOL what Microsoft realized afterwards about Kinect, Sony already realised during PS2 with the EyeToy. There's only so far you can take that tech without physical handheld input devices to aid you.

  3. MrEffectfilms

    Yeah looking back it really feels like they were chasing after the Nintendo Wiis success, not realizing that while that approach worked for that generation that direction would come back to bite Nintendo in the ass as well. Unlike Microsoft though Nintendo learned from their mistakes, hence their incredible comeback with Switch.

  4. Ha1frican

    Man you can just see in his eyes Don Mattrick is so disconnected from gamers. It’s like he read what people like on a spreadsheet or an earnings call but has never met a gamer in his life. You can tell by the way he said “Call of Duty” that he just doesn’t get it and thinks he just said the magic words. He’s the definition of the suit that thinks all gamers care about Call of Duty, Mountain Dew, and Doritos as their 3 favorite things

  5. Baleur

    1:00:30 can we talk about how terrible the contrast and color balance is in these early 2013's trailers and games?
    Everything was just PITCH black and contrasted to hell. With every level in ONE monotone puke color.

  6. Baleur

    I was 100% an xbox 360 fanboy, until i saw this presentation 7 years ago.
    And until they told me "nah no backwards compatability, nah you cant let your buddy play in the same room, he gotta buy his own copy of the game, nah you need to be always-online for the DRM, you're a crook even if you've payed, so we're gonna treat you like a crook". I just went "NOPE" from that day on.
    Yes, they did backtrack a bit on some of that stuff, but the fact they even ATTEMPTED to pull all this shit on their own consumer base, nope. Never forget. Never got an Xbox One.
    THEY sold the PS4 to me, Sony didnt have anything to do with that.
    Microsoft did Sony's job for them. A free win for Sony before they even aired their presentation.


    Ironically The XBOX ONE had way better games than the PS4 for years and years. I actually liked all of the features The XBOX ONE shipped with. Being able to multitask on your console was sick. You could watch TV, You Tube and even Skype while playing a game. Microsoft was adding new features and technologies. I’m actually upset these features won’t be on The Series X because of crying fanboys and nerds that don’t understand innovation. The extra HDMI input is super convenient.

    The negativity was only because of the price.
    Looks like The XBOX Series X is completely smashing it now though with way more games than the PS5. The PS5 feels like the PS3 flop all over again to me personally. I think The XBOX Series X will do very well this new gen, literally everyone I know even PlayStation gamers are all switching to The XBOX Series X because of Game Pass and the much better plus way more games announced for it.

  8. Sue3DDesigns

    When I started watching this, I thought, "Here's another bash at Mattrick and the not-so-bad XBone reveal…"
    Holy Sh1t!! I'd forgotten just what a train-wreck it was!!! 😱 My memory is refreshed. I need to go back to therapy now.
    The Horror. The HORROR… 😭😭

  9. Heath Vance

    Seriously it scratches easy? I've got a Fluance RT85 in piano black finish. Want to know the Secret to keeping it clean? Don't be a pig and take care of your stuff, it's not that hard.

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