Designing a custom HTML front end for Domoticz – Part 3

Here’s the third in a multi-part series documenting a potential way to design a custom HTML interface for Domoticz. This time we look at how to obtain a full list of devices from Domoticz and show them in a series of divs.

More information and the code can be found on my blog page at

2 Replies to “Designing a custom HTML front end for Domoticz – Part 3”

  1. PØ 666

    Your code is great. Have been using this since may. But unfortunately it stopped working partially after I upgraded to a newer version of Domoticz. It only works one way (if I change something in Domoticz, it changes in my frontend but the other way around). If I move the frontend from Apache server to Domoticz built in webserver it works both ways, but with a caveat: Domoticz webserves doesn't have PHP support.

  2. xr043 - GoPro MTB clips & Time Lapses

    Hi nice, project! I think this is a good basis for my frontend!

    I do notice that Domoticz automatically logs me out after a while and when I'm not logged in I can not use the front end. Is there a way to fix this?

    Also I really would like to implement the floorplan of Domitcz in this custom front end. Any suggestions on how to realize that?

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