Demon's Souls – Announcement Trailer | PS5

From JAPAN Studio and Bluepoint Games comes a remake of the PlayStation classic, Demon’s Souls™. Entirely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced, this remake invites you to experience the unsettling story and ruthless combat of Demon’s Souls in unparalleled visual quality and incredible performance. Coming to PlayStation 5

33 Replies to “Demon's Souls – Announcement Trailer | PS5”

  1. Jeffrey Wenner

    70$ for the BASE GAME!!! This is where I draw the line with the game price hikes with every console. It's just theft at this point. I hope Xbox sells their games cheaper and takes all the business. Disgusting.

  2. Christian Centeno

    Amazing but the game have two great bugs to report.
    1) Sometimes the enemies appears upsidedown and reappears in a flash second hitting your character without break to avoid them.
    2) Once character is created cant be deleted ( Can change the appearance in souls exchange during the game ) but cant be deleted so if we change our minds and want a new class must to create a new character and the one we dont need will stay there without options to delete them.

  3. Ailurophile900

    Demons' souls is a beautiful game and an RPG. Players spend time on multiple playthroughs with different characters; obtaining items, armor, headgear, and searching online sliders through vast communities of souls aficionados.

    The Demons' souls communities have remained alive and prospering since the original game came out in Feb, 2009; masterpieces like these show us that people love playing this game and what options we have now will be set in stone for many years to come.

    The Community is already working hard at making slider presets despite the failed character creation system.

    Hopefully, BluePoint Games will listen to us and remedy this system for all of us to truly enjoy the rest of the game just as they have done so before.


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