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  1. Raptorsss 22

    This works best if you create your base page in photoshop, but could work if you use a generic background with lots of buttons.

    They way I did it was to create screen 1 in photoshop, then on screen 2, shift the buttons over a little, then again and again, for a total of 8 screens. Where screen 1 is the main screen and screen 8 has the movement in its final location. On screen 1 in HS touch, I have transparent buttons over the photoshopped buttons. When clicking the transparent button it launches a homeseer even that shows screen 2, then screen 3, etc all the way to 8. When it gets to 8, it stops, and screen 8 has new transparent buttons over the photoshopped image again in the new location.

    If you were using a generic screen, and all your buttons were real HS touch buttons, you would do the same, but you would have to shift every button on each screen. More work, but would still work. And this is what i used in the example screen on the following post.

    discussion on the homeseer board here. http://board.homeseer.com/showthread.php?t=148218

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