DARKSIDERS 3 Trailer (PS4, Xbox One, PC) 2018

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Release date : 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
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38 Replies to “DARKSIDERS 3 Trailer (PS4, Xbox One, PC) 2018”

  1. Jezus nadchodzi

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  2. Hagah Kaha

    The game runs like dogshit on consoles. 15 to 25 fps with heavy stutters and loading times with texture pop ups. Never gonna buy their game anymore. Cant believe this shit was 60 dollars.

  3. Aries WildChild

    This trailer sucks. War looks old, Fury looks like a man and Council is asking? Council is never asking, they said it themselves at Abomination vault. Anyway at Darksiders 4 I want to see all of them killing those hot heads. We fucking need game of four horsemen where you can switch characters.

  4. Val Suto

    With a few words, this game is irritating and boring. I understand that the developers wanted to improve the 2nd part and give a different experience, but the numerous glitches on ps4, the crashes, the enemy upscaling (which wouldn`t make sense in ANY games) and that the game throws you back to checkpoints made this experience worse than the previous installments. I played it through, so I can say that I did, but wasn`t even close to the 2nd part. And it`s repetitive as hell, the characters are two dimensional and boring. They did try to show a sort of character development in Fury but due to the poor writing, it didn`t really come out well. Her motivations are fuzzy and hazy, not clear if she is just bored or ambitious, or is it her love for her brother horsemen. "You should not have made them kneel" is the only sort of meaningful sentence regarding her connection to the rest of the riders, but even this is without any emotional setting. I guess it`s a sort of "Let`s skin this fox one more time" kind of game.

  5. Fr3e3

    Da fuck…this just looks bad. I usually don't carry THAT MUCH about graphics but damn….this game makes Diablo 3 looks like a visual masterpiece. Also all the models looks cheap, like a mobile game, Fury looks like a joke. It's free on PS Plus and I'll give it a shot, let's see if I can play it for more than 10 minutes.

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