Daimler,Toyota,Vw,Nikola Surrender Tesla Semi orders, Musk Sleeps W Model3s, stock to 3000 #246

Daimler, VW, Gm surrender to Tesla in round one and avoid battery production in favor of buying from Korea suppliers. Elon Musk now sleeping next to Model 3 line to get counts above 2500 a week. Tesla Semi truck orders backlogged for years and deposits are a way to secure positions in line vs. Nikola comments regarding having 8 billion in orders and no need for deposits.

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22 Replies to “Daimler,Toyota,Vw,Nikola Surrender Tesla Semi orders, Musk Sleeps W Model3s, stock to 3000 #246”

  1. Edwin Thompson

    Automation and Technology is a great thing. However, When Tesla is pursuing these type of numbers for the Model 3 Production effort some basic auto production process issues are at play. You have a stamping operation, follow by a body shop, then paint shop and the general assembly operation. And there are off-line operations i.e. battery pack, electric motor etc. Ms. King did a good job in the interview. But the real question is where is the bottleneck of the production operation? https://sites.google.com/tfs-financialstore.com/tfssolargenerators

  2. Robert Burnham

    Nice report with very keen analysis. Thank you. Musk sleeping in the factory is really a moral-building act. He knows how to lead workers by example (his own dedication to company, quality, vision) and employees really respond to that leadership. Suggestions would be to ditch the cardboard background and reduce the number of ads. Thanks again for a great new Tesla-related show.

  3. 7 wings as Eagles

    Here are the problems that Tesla is going to face with their battery plants. The conventional lithium battery is basically obsolete therefore the automakers are not going to invest a large amount of money into the obsolete technology. Samsung has graphene batteries Witcher are more efficient better performance lower-cost. Also sodium batteries are another thing that are coming around the corner which also will be cheaper and store a greater amount of energy. With all this new technology around the horizon it would not make sense to invest a lot of money in a lithium battery plant at this point in time. People forget that within the last 20 years we went from nickel cadmium batteries the nickel hydride to lithium ion well we're about ready to enter the next Revolution and Battery Technology. Not to mention the hydrocarbon fuel cell which consumes hydrocarbon fuels which will exceed 60% + efficiency and does not emit smog. The other thing that is failing to be addressed is once again Road Usage Tax all these electric vehicles in that cost impact in ownership. And how they are going to be able to supply the electrical grid with the needed power for the semi truck to charge within a half an hour. There was a recent article about indoor marijuana growers in states where it is legal to grow it having to file for permits because they use a tremendous amount of electric and the grid is not able to provide this. This is the shores sightedness of all this excitement there is no Reserve in the grid for a large number of large vehicles to be fast charged. The electric companies see electric vehicles as a gold mine because of the laws of supply and demand. A high amount of electric usage with a insufficient Supply will mean prices will Skyrocket per kilowatt.
    Most states have a Utility Commission which rights regulations the electric grid is regulated to ensure that everybody is provided Electric businesses that consume large amounts of electric are regulated different and pay different rates based on their demands this is the problem with fast charging it requires a high demand of electric for a short period of time this create spikes in the power grid. Which have to be taken into consideration which means you have to increase generation to account for these spikes. What I am explaining is that electric companies have to produce Electric based on what the anticipated demand is going to be not based on what the actual demand is at the time they do this by bringing on the appropriate number of generators. Also understanding how electric is generated electric companies rely on three types of generating facilities. Ones that continuously run all the time to provide base load at night when power consumption is low. Daytime plants that are brought orange during the early morning hours to provide daily High usage of electric that occur during the day. The Third Kind is demand Peak which are primarily gas turbine which can be brought up in operationable within minutes to accommodate large electric uses like on hot days in cold days this ensures that the grid runs smoothly with no brownouts. Understanding this and when you maximize out the grid capacity electric companies start to have to run generating facilities to accommodate potential spikes in the grid. One way that they may accommodate this is they may slow down High electric uses decrease how fast a fast charger will charge your car so they can keep the grid stable so everybody has electric. It is a lot like the internet when a bunch of people in a house are you using the internet the connection slows down because of lack of bandwidth because your internet provider regulates this connection to ensure that everybody in the neighborhood has access to the internet.

  4. Ken Murray

    New subscriber from Scotland. Presentation not good (aka background graphic) but solid and considered and smart analysis. Thanks. Media click-bait must include "Tesla killer" in headlines to attract the them/us fanboys to watch ads.

  5. Tom Blankenship

    Greg, I've written to you before. You consistently produce one of the top Tesla/EV blogs, but have the worst presentation of all. Now you've got what appears to be a black cardboard backdrop, but the lighting is blasting of overexposure in the top right quadrant. It looks as if you're using a single light source, again blasting the right side with too much light and plugging the shadows on the left side. I can even see the edge of your backdrop in the lower left corner. The backdrop slightly wriggles throughout your video. You have the camera far too close to your face which distorts your nose, making it disproportionately large. No portrait photographer would ever shoot a portrait with a wide angle lens. Your sound quality is, well, ok, but not stellar. Look at some of the other producers. Copy what they're doing right. You are better, much better than what you project. Please delete this comment, because it is intended to encourage you, not be negatively critical. Thanks for your ongoing dedication to provide useful, insightful and meaningful information on the emergence of the EV, especially the Tesla brand name.

  6. Tom Robertson

    Only one ad
    I don't care where .
    I find more ads to be distracting
    I unsubscribed from other channels for being greedy .
    If I go the ad blocker route , you don't get credit for my viewing .
    China is not capable to make a quality vehicle. The people buy imports first ,. Import knockoffs second then the domestic car last .
    Rotting rubber seals and hoses. Just to name one problem .
    Letting them assemble Tesla's is probably the only way to make a quality car there
    China can only sell cars here if we make them here . Same reason

  7. Wade Yorke

    Tesla assembles the battery packs with Tesla equipment but the batteries are made by Panasonic with Panasonic machines. The cell chemistry is from Tesla. If Tesla were to have a battery/car manufacting factory in China the only worry would be that the cell chemistry could fall into other hands. Tesla does not want others to know the exact cell chemistry as Tesla currently has the best battery.

  8. Brandon Fouts

    The Mission of Tesla. Elon Musk, Chairman, Product Architect & CEO November 18, 2013. Our goal when we created Tesla a decade ago was the same as it is today: to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible.Nov 18, 2013

    And Tesla was a supplier to BOTH Toyota Rav4 and Merc Smart for Two on their 2nd generation versions. see wikipedia for good history of both of these electrics which were canceled twice and may be in re-birth for the 3rd time.

  9. Brandon Fouts

    reminder: Musk has talked about building other GigaFactories. He has talked about announcing as many as 4 new locations this year. He has mentioned the world needs about 100 GigaFactories to meet world demand of the future. And Musk talks about the factory as a product. Musk thinks car factories should move cars at a much faster rate.
    So Musk might offer GigaFactories as products to others. OR perhaps he has found most corporations so corrupted by Wall St. short sighted money first thinking that he just needs to plow ahead and keep building factories of the future while expanding his business. Cars, SEMI, storage – a lot of battery, demand. Also power electronics with vehicles, storage, solar. Will be interesting to watch.

    side note: all current ICE cars made the same way – competing doesn't seem to be a problem.

    Elon/Tesla has learned NO bennefit to feed the Wall Street media which only feeds the speculators (money making money, no real benefit/product). AND so much miss information as people don't understand basic busniess, accounting, costing etc. are are easily manipulated – just see volatility – which is of course how Wall St. earns transaction numbers.

    Founder Edition ($200,000 each pre-paid) is how you get to the front of the line. Your order in line is WHEN you place the order. except to get a Founders Edition. But these buyers are planners and will plan things out. Other companies will have to compete to get the business.

    Please don't spread FUD about parts, unless you have actual data. Stories off of Forums really isn't data. BUT have you actually tried to read all Forums and calculate the parts numbers? Not easy, I know.

  10. Pascal Abessolo

    For the volume of the production of the semi, it shares a lot of main components with the model 3, which are been produce at 2k/week, so I can see the overall semi production to deliver the small number of the pre-ordered semi, without issues.

  11. Peter Ilfrich

    Transport Evolved posted an interesting video today about the China/US trade war and how China really couldn't care less, because they have enough own manufacturers and Tesla is just ~3% of the market. Basically the US is shooting itself in the foot with this, because China can use the material themselves and don't need to export and also don't rely on US EV deliveries.

    In terms of keeping the truck orders secret, I think they want to avoid big customers insisting on truck deliveries once production starts, because they ordered a certain % of all orders and expect to get a similar share of production, which I think would cause a lot of turmoil, because obviously production will take some time to ramp up. Tesla experienced with the Model 3, that customers might get disappointed when they have to wait many month to get their car. If they publish the order numbers and the expected production capacity, this might discourage other companies from ordering trucks as well, if they anticipate that the waiting time is too long.

  12. lostinthekerf

    Musk may be going a different track on the semi's by not over promising as far as delivery dates and production numbers. All the pre orders companies, fed ex, walmart etc will need recharging infrastructure which should be going into place now. I think he will keep the manufacturing progress on the truck low key for now. Musk is doing the right thing by sleeping with the M3's, he needs to stop the stock manipulation and get the cars on the road. When that gets figured out he will need to sleep with the semi's.

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