Daimler Semi 1000 Tucks V Tesla Semi 2 Truth Byd 5000 trucks #265,

Daimler electric semi 1000 trucks vs. tesla semi 2 trucks vs. Byd 5000 trucks. Despite the numeric disavantage Tesla electric semi remains the leader with 500 mile range.

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11 Replies to “Daimler Semi 1000 Tucks V Tesla Semi 2 Truth Byd 5000 trucks #265,”

  1. Les Lewis

    Love your talks Greg, you always come from a different angle than other Youtubers. I don't mind you saying hello to the individuals who say hello on your live comments.

  2. Steve McCormack

    Diamler might just want to become a battery maker primarily and then a vehicle maker. That sounds drastic of course but there is a real danger the likes of BYD will wipe the floor with them in the area of Electric Buses. Car buyers will have sentiment for what Diamler did in the past, but the trucking world will not. Nor will cities when they are battling pollution and ordering buses.
    I sensed two years ago when I watched at a motor show as Diamler were introducing their EQ(new electric car company) that they were foot-dragging. "Ready when you are" was the slogan… I have my doubts.
    I sincerely want Diamler to succeed but they need to embrace battery manufacturing in a big way, not dabble in it – that would be a case of failure to prepare.
    Already this year, sales of Diesels in Europe are down. The public have become educated and Diesel has become a bad word. Diesel has become a tar pit for auto-makers. The more they play in it the dirtier they get. For the first time now, people are wary of investing in a fossil car for fear of being caught out by an insurgence of EVs, rendering their ICE car a wasteful investment.
    In a floodgate situation, waters rise by the minute. If you are Diamler, this is not the time for marking dates on calenders.

  3. Roger Starkey

    Elon Musk was asked at the earnings call what the prospects were of 1 million cars during 2020?
    He indicated 600000 +from US plants and possibly 200000 +from Shanghai, which indicates the factory will be not only built but running in 18 months!

  4. Michael Ryan

    Hi Gregg. For the truck, the reason may be that the claims are all vaporware for 500 mile. I hope not as it would be awesome to reduce the usage of diesel given the emmissions

  5. Steven Hill

    I'm trying to learn more about the effects of these scummy Tesla short sellers and I think you're the guy to ask. Today, Wednesday Aug 1 Tesla stock is up 1.22% Does this small move up "squeeze" or hurt these fuckers?

  6. Afaq Saleem

    The audio in this video was much better, can you please use a handsfree headphone, being near the mouth it will make sound much clearer and being that your video is primarily information it will make your videos much better.

    Coming to my main point, you should look into the model 3 tear down review recently done by Ingineerix (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgfXyLLaO7I) in which he shows model 3 cooling system and i have to say, I'm impressed. It is a really well designed system which no compromise on making car very reliable and truly i was shocked when I saw Nissan not put it in current leaf, even when they have years of experience under their belt from making ICE cars.

    The cooling system has 2 loops, One for the battery (a small portion routed through car computer to cool it) and second for the PCU (Power converter unit, DC to DC conversion and charging circuit) then goes to Motor Inverter Cooling plate and finally the PTHE for transmission oil cooling (possibly cooling motor bearings as well since in an old video Elon mentioned managing heat of rotor when you make motor so power dense, and since this one has permanent magnets so it will be more critical for these motors) and then return back to reservoir. The coolant is both cooled via radiator and then a separate PTHE using car AC refrigerant (I read somewhere that Tesla is thinking of using chilled system to cool car batteries and I was like you will plug in water pipes along with electric plug, lol). I believe the chiller system kicks in even when driving and heat load is too much for Radiator to handle due to high ambient other than chilling batteries during super charging. So any thing producing heat has been covered by Tesla (other than brakes)

    So my point is you should worry less about heat management. I think tesla has heat management already under control and even if Truck is making extra heat they can just put a bigger Radiator + PTHE + AC unit to further chill batteries and electronics during Hill Mode. I think those two models are being used by Tesla to collect real world data and just showcase a working model roaming around. Tesla is battling shorts hence the timelines for future products which are not aggressive from Elon point of view.

  7. Frederick Stirnkorb

    Greg I don't think Tesla will place trucks with customers till the first year of production. It will be like the model 3 roll out they will put them out with large customers who can service and work the bugs out before they have there high production roll out. Hopefully they will be able to ramp by 2021.

  8. Aaron Bounds

    all public safety and fleet vehicles are excellent used cases for electrification in. And the case of fire trucks and larger machine rate like that they set inside a place where there is already electricity for a substantial portion of time and then go out on relatively short runs of usually less than 10 or 20 miles. That puts a lot of wear and tear on the drive trains and they maintenance cost for these vehicles is astronomical. Electrification of those types of vehicles would provide enormous savings to the municipalities that have to maintain them but I fear that they will be last in line because big players like Tesla and Daimler and such I don't think I'm going to pursue those specific vehicle markets because there just aren't that many of them to sell it. Like Greg said, that's why probably isn't going to pursue markets with fire apparatus or garbage trucks because although they do pollute a lot for each vehicle they don't make that many trips like a semi-truck the does one or two hundred thousand miles per year.

  9. Roger Starkey

    I keep putting the question forward. Are they planning to build the first semis in China? (For major testing of both the truck and production facility)
    it would be easier to keep the trucks away from Daimler etc in these circumstances.
    add to this the possibility of the Chinese government actually building the factory with Tesla just installing the production facilities and it becomes an attractive proposition all round (?)

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