Daimler Electric Semi destroyed stuttgart, Tesla semi true weight 218 (399)

Daimler Electric semi developed primarily in Lisbon good weather returns to Stuttgart bad weather and elevation and destroys batteries is less than three years. Tesla Electric Semi true weight making it diesel competitive even if more expensive to start.

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34 Replies to “Daimler Electric Semi destroyed stuttgart, Tesla semi true weight 218 (399)”

  1. youxkio

    4:35 damn right! Not only rough terrain like steep hills, but also very high yearly amplitude temperature, in Lisbon it goes as low as 0 º C to 40º C winter and summer respectively. Plus the roads are so bad that will make loose out many screws. The overheating in the summer, steep ups and downs and holes on most streets make it perfect to ruin any truck operating inside in cities like Lisbon. I know it, I was a bus driver in Lisbon's city buses company. Many Mercedes bus engines just couldnºt resist such a tough job, many broke down in the middle Summertime.

  2. Real M

    It's not always bigger is automatically better. While Daimler and other Semi makers have much bigger seals numbers, they also have much bigger organizations, which causes any change to take much longer time. Tesla had one single objective from start, electricity, and have been using all their assets in that direction. All their money, technical know-how, etc, is for that goal. The other manufacturers, be it Semi or car manufacturer, have to change direction after many decades of manufacturing vehicles with ICE technology. Tesla will have an edge until those companies create new and dedicated organizations (outside of the existing systems) start work on their new technology, in this case, EVs.

    With Model S and X, Tesla has so far been making cars for primarily a high-income customer base that loves new and modern tech and could forgive lowish build quality and many repair problems. If you have a 2nd and 3rd car, you can afford to be a brand fan. But with Model 3, with a customer base with average income and often the model 3 as their one and only car, Tesla can no longer afford to have that kind of low build quality and too many repair problems. Hopefully, Tesla manages to offer such a high-quality product with model 3, or else it could potentially kill the company.

  3. Rick Ramsowr

    I have always thought that Telsa would partner with or buy outright at least one maybe two existing named brands just for their expertise in building tractors. Such companies already have the workforce, the productions lines, and the suppliers. All that Telsa would have to do is train personnel and modernize the facilities and improve the safety. One of these companies will jump at the opportunity to because they're all looking at the end of the road for one and all. Who will jump first, my money is on "Peterbilt" but ask me why.

    Rick R
    Houston/San Francisco (well, almost Bicoastal)

  4. tank

    Can I make some suggestions maybe keep a glass of water nearby and perhaps more editing and perhaps a script so that everything runs smoothly. But other than that great information from your videos.

  5. tank

    Now ask yourself do you fake Tesla wants any help from the federal government let Tesla make baby steps Steady As She Goes Steady As She Goes nice and easy Tesla will get there.

  6. American Rambler

    I looked up the weights for trucks in England. For a 5 axle truck combination it’s 40,000 Kg, or 88,000 lbs per andtheRoadVehicles(Authorised Weight) Regulations1998asamended(AWR). Most any US based semi truck can carry that weight without modifications. They just have to obtain the proper permits to be permitted to run those weights. FYI from the US federal bridge gross weight formula. “The Federal-Aid Highway Act Amendments of 1974 established the bridge formula as law, along with the gross weight limit of 80,000 pounds (36,000 kg). Current applications of the formula allow for up to 7 axles and 86 feet or more length between axle sets, and a maximum load of 105,500 lbs. (47,800 kg.). There is ongoing discussion on allowing gross weights to be 96,000 lbs (43,545 kg) on US highways. I myself am not a fan of that change myself.

  7. Twelve Wing Productions

    It's my understanding that Daimler did NOT use or designthe batteries to be thermally controlled. Neither in their home batteries, or vehicles.
    Because of this, they actually discontinued their home batteries because the redesign for temperature control was too little too late and that they even canceled an upcoming release for an electric passenger car.
    They may say it's because of the "battery technology", but the reality is that this all seems to be the fault of poor design and not giving enough importance to thermal management.

    That's my take on it anyway.

  8. Roger Dottin

    Do these companies think technology just appears when they need it?
    Is Tesla the only one who knows how to do R&D?
    None of them are doing real work, it's just PR and manipulating stock prices.
    Instead of advancing they are trying to hold us back and destroy companies that do well.
    It is beyond criminal and more CEOs need to be jailed.

  9. Edwyn Corteen

    The cab over design is entirely caused by an overall length restriction on trucks in the EU, the typical American design would result in a truck with a severe disadvantage in capacity due to a shorter trailor.

    The maximum individual truck length is 12 metres, articulated truck and trailer length is 16.5 metres and road trains are allowed up to 18.75 metres. The maximum width for all is 2.55 metres.

  10. Lister Dave

    I can never figure out why one would use pouch batteries for an EV, be it a truck or a passenegrcar. Pouch batteries offer the best power and energy density but are inherently short lived due to the lack of anything to keep the electrode layers tightly together.
    They are ideal for race cars, rc models and such were you want maximum performance but consider it perfectly acceptable to replace the batteries after a couple of years or so, or in extreme cases just a few races. For anything longer term though you need a strong housing that will keep the electrode layers in tight contact together against the various forces that conspire to separate them like thermal cycling, the inevitable gassing even if in minute quantities, mechanical vibration and so on.

  11. Jerry A

    The biggest vehicle market in the USA is pickup trucks.  So if TESLA can manage to fully develop and manufacture those types of vehicles, then they will become a SUPER monster corporation.  Can you imagine what will happen to the big three companies when TESLA goes all out?  Talking about being left in the dust!  Same is true with the large truck manufacturers like Volvo, Freightliner, Mack, Navistar and others.

  12. Jeffrey Hampton

    Great vlog. It’s a disgrace that the Fed Gov’t offers so little support. The Oil/Oil Services sector is able to legally bribe Congress (Citizens United Case). EV’s are the future. Elon is a National treasure. Yet, Our Gov’t offers so little help. Imagine if Elon Musk didn’t exist. “Big oil” has successfully controlled the narrative against Elon. It’s insane. Everywhere but US, Elon is viewed as an astonishing superstar. Elon would be Sir Elon by now in the UK.

  13. Gamaliel Padilla

    Merry Christmas Greg, apparently as they did in Europe, Daimler has now begun to borrow electric trucks to US customers so that they can test them. My guess is that they will also present battery overheating problems as they did in Europe.

  14. Carl B

    Greg good points as usual. I agree that in general cab over trucks have a shorter turning radius, but the problem I see is that in the videos you show of the Daimler truck the batteries are in the frame rails behind the cab as well as some kind of round cylinders at the very back of the frame. I may be wrong but from what I can see in the videos it sure appears to me that this Daimler truck is extremely long, drastically longer than an ICE cab over. This would make the turning radius very poor and it would be a poor fit for drayage operations since they need good maneuverability. They would not be able to mount the trailer 5th wheel plate over the batteries since the rear of the frame would extend so far back it would hit the trailer support jack. IMO.

    In contrast the videos I've seen of the Tesla semi's, they appear to be quite close to the length of a standard semi, so the turning radius would be much better.

  15. Cindy Tepper

    A few years back the Port of LA had problems with pollution (In CARB's view) because the majority of drayage operations were using trucks in very poor condition. There were laws passed and a push to use CNG and electric. I would suspect that is why the LA market is being entered first.                    That thermal management thing. How much heat are we talking? Heat is wasted energy

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