Custom Source/Input Name on Samsung Smart TV

***EDIT 2***: You *may not* need the IR extender. Just click Function Test and then say Yes when it asks you if your devices turned off or on. Sorry for not making this clear. If you have a model that does ask for one, try any 1/8″ audio jack which might fool the tv into thinking you have the IR extender connected.

This video describes how to give your inputs custom names on your Samsung smart tv. If there is a better/easier way, please let me (and others) know.

By default you can’t change the name of the input under ‘Edit Name’ from the ‘Source’ selector.

You have to create a custom input source to have a custom name as far as I can tell.

Menu (on remote) .. System .. Device Manager .. Universal Remote Setup .. (Follow instruction in the video)

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28 Replies to “Custom Source/Input Name on Samsung Smart TV”

  1. Jared Renshaw

    Thanksan appreciate the input. I stuck some headphones in the ir hole (about half way) and was able to bypass the ir box setup screen. I was reading the comments for advice on this.

  2. Clay Holbrook

    Great Job! I had to use a head phone plug to trick the system but I now have all my HDMI's labeled correctly! Thanks for figuring that out…I spent 20 minutes trying to change it on my own…then I found your video!

  3. Uly883

    How do u name it on the older models cause I watched this video and I tried it on my tv and it didn’t say universal setup and wouldn’t let me change the name. Can u teach us hw to do it on older TVs

  4. Angela Jillia Galvez

    You are doing it wrong sir. For a gaming console like ps4 etc. U shud just select the ''Game'' under the source. The picture quality will perfectly match the ps4 and will reduce input lag. That costume name setting ur doing wont affect the ps4 coz thats just wrong

  5. gadgetboyj

    Thanks for this, I managed to figure it out on my own years ago when I got the TV, but couldn’t figure out how I did it so I could add another input. I wonder if they changed the process in a firmware upgrade

  6. Matt Merkel

    Thanks much for the well done video. For me, the TV insisted on the IR connector but was fooled by any old 1/8 jack. So, nice hack there. Also, my version of the software you can press 'source' and then select the 'Universal Remote Setup' at the top right which is a quick way to get into those functions. Cheers!

  7. Expenox

    I know I'm a bit late to this party, however for people who are looking to edit the name without setting up a fake universal remote just hold down the select button over the input name you want to change!

  8. Jane Kailey

    Excellent! Thanks! I'll never buy another Samsung TV again. Besides this naming difficulty, the "touch" remote is ridiculous, the "warm-up" time is VERY SLOOOW (wait time to be able to change source, for example). Picture is pretty good, however.

  9. Tgonzo417

    This worked perfectly however now I have to cycle through all inputs when changing sources even if they are not on. I have Fios and when I use the Fios remote and I try to change sources it says there is nothing plugged into the source because it is not on. It's a little frustrating. The Samsung remote does not cause this issue.

  10. DachiexPuh

    so my xbox one runs on the HDMI 1 source and when I check the inputs, the HDMI 1 source is shaded gray so it says not connected, why or how do I fix it please help

  11. Douglas Manley

    I found that using any audio cable would do just fine. For example, plug in your headphones to the IR-out port before starting.

    My TV would NOT allow me to proceed before doing so. Also, I had to plug it in before starting; otherwise, it froze in the state where it asked me to plug it in.

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