Custom firmware on an IKEA TRÅDFRI light bulb (Tradfri hacking)

Running a custom firmware based on RIOT-OS on an IKEA TRÅDFRI light bulb (in this case, the GU-10 bulb).

The light bulb contains a Silicon Labs EFR32MG1P microcontroller, of which the debug pins are accessible. This video demonstrates that it is possible to flash another firmware onto the chip.

Current functionality is limited, as the video only shows how to toggle the LEDs using the shell.

The additional PCB is a UART isolator, so I don’t fry my machine.

More info can be found on

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  1. Arjan Dijk

    Would it be hard to flash an Ikea plug with a firmware that supports dimmming, hence let it be supported by the Hue hub? I understand that actual dimming will not work, but that also does nog work in a LW Plug with on off setting

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