42 Replies to “Curved TVs: Explained!”

  1. GeorgeBonez

    I have been watching a Samsung 64” ) for two years and there is NO weird distortion angle no matter where you are in the room. I don’t know how this guy managed to over analyze this nonexistent fictitious phenomenon.

  2. DocsWorld

    just a gimmick, and most likely detracts from the purpose, of have a larger tv which would normally create more viewing space, the curve contracts the space, and it cannot be viewed as well from the sides, as a flat, id prefer, hard drives, dvrs, web browsers, apps, and wifi/blue tooth capabilities over curved.

  3. Silent Majority

    Samsung Phones and TVs have the same flaw…the software. Wen you get a TV with bad software, nothing fixes it. A tech will try lots of things but they never work. Overcomplicated/defective software keeps me away from Samsung.

  4. Leigh Rich

    I've got a curved monitor which I do like much better than my old flat screen. It seems larger even though this it is a 27inch comparing it to a 32inch TV I have next to it. Walmart had them for under $170. No regrets.

  5. D Roc

    If you have a good TV you won't need a curve TV. It helps with the viewing angles when sitting in certain positions. Especially side positions. These positions can cause blacks to look more grey. I forget the term. If you have a great TV you won't have this greying issue when sitting in certain positions.

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