Cummins,Freightliner,Benz,Vw disaster V Tesla Semi truck wsj data #296

the wall street journal and Carnegie Mellon teamed up to confirm 18650 semi truck not viable. but tesla uses a 2170 battery that makes its truck possible while daimler freightliner,cummins, will not work too much freightweight consumed.
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20 Replies to “Cummins,Freightliner,Benz,Vw disaster V Tesla Semi truck wsj data #296”

  1. jack g

    in about a year and half when the next generation batteries are going to produced. they were supposed to be graphene but production cost are actually too expensive to make enough. however right after the hemp battery is very promising and as expensive as acid batteries only. they dont need cooling because never heat up. the rang will increase by minimum 40%

  2. Washington Digital

    Great program.. But its not a surprise to me that the Wall Street Journal is NOT reporting on the real performance of the Tesla Semi… Really if they keep their heads in the sand .. ignoring the facts , will Tesla Semi go away ? Happily the facts suggest "NO".. Is big business innovative… Um often not so. Dont want to change their business models .. so they are dinosaurs .. destined to pass away if they don't put serious money in, changing their attitude to the revolution the Tesla Trucks are producing ! Well they will get what they deserve … !

  3. Contractor Vegas

    If the truck is equipped with refrigerated box, would that affect the range?
    Not a trucker, but I believe truckers are allowed to drive for 8 hours straight and have to stop to rest, is that within the tesla range?
    And last to run the cabin at night or when sleeping, would that drain batteries?

  4. Colin Fox

    Also, diesel tractors (rigs) weigh 15-20,000 lbs, not 35000, so you're already high by 15,000. Next, to electrify a truck is more than adding batteries. It's also removing the diesel drivetrain and transmission. That's a lot of weight.

  5. 0ooTheMAXXoo0

    Tesla has also announced a while ago that they have new battery chemistry going into mass production around the turn of the year (2018 – 2019). This will be another 10% higher in energy density and will use zero cobalt. New manufacturing process is also supposed to cut manufacturing costs by 66% for their battery cells.

  6. ARCE

    I still don't understand how Tesla trucks will be maintained over the road in un avoidable breakdowns, no mechanic or very few know how maintain these vehicles.Special placarded or flammable placarded or any kind of hazmat load ,combined with teslas super battery sound like a perfect combination for disaster in any accident. I kinda hope teslas trucks don't come in till 2040 lol I just started trucking ,this seems bad for my industry

  7. Clayton Root

    At 9 minutes into the video, you state that there is ONLY one truck that's available which is viable. In case you hadn't noticed, the Tesla Semi is NOT available, nor is there a credible timeline for when it WILL be available. That's not to say that Tesla doesn't have a lead on the competition but let's not get ahead of ourselves!

  8. Frank Speaking

    FYI I am an Australian and Rupert Murdoch owns News Ltd which owns Fox and WSJ is from Australia and was very right wing publisher, in 1975 during an election campaign his journalists at his flagship "The Australian" went on strike over being forced to tell lies. – link can be provided. He also owned a major newspaper network in the UK and was forced out and deemed as an unfit person to operate a newspaper, and his media in Aust (covers 70% of the population) and is once again a paragon of deception and bias.
    Rupert Murdoch is along with his very good friend Baron Rothschild are major investors in a Oil company – Genie Oil, as well as coal investments.

    Now back to batteries
    A Solid State battery will be commercially available in Q2 2019 from a new gigafactory by Imperium3 in New York State , it is cheaper, faster charging, with a 70% increase in capacity and range in the demonstration unit , energy density is 380 Watts/Kg Li. Still doing tweaking of constituents and expect production version in this first generation to be 400 Watts/Kg.
    This is with NO Cobalt. Developed by C4V a partner in Imperium3
    Disclaimer, I am invested in their Imperium3 partner (also building in Aust and Germany) Magnis Resources who also had an advanced battery without Co, but now superceded

    Also for interest an agreement has been signed with Dendrobium , a eHyper car designed by the Williams F1 racing group Research and design who contract to the auto Industry, from the ASX release which includes the C4V release

    Ex Tesla Senior Manager Chaitanya Sharma joins Imperium3 Advisory board
    Recently Mr. Sharma held a senior role at Tesla, Inc and was an early employee of that company. He was part of the Tesla Gigafactory project team before any construction began on that project and was praised for his instrumental work in getting the factory built.
    His knowledge, creativity and efforts led to cost savings of tens of millions of dollars.
    Mr. Sharma is also highly experienced in the lithium industry through his senior role at Lithium Americas Corporation.

    As announced to the ASX on 15 November 2017, a significant portion of the planned production has been presold via binding sales agreements to clients mainly in the automotive and renewables industry, with further agreements expected in the coming months.Recently several potential partners have held high level discussions regarding being involved with the New
    York battery plant through an investment.
    The board will assess all proposals as they are received and will update the market accordingly.

    I am rooting for Tesla but let the games begin. 500 Miles range with 10 min charge time for a sedan/SUV , Truck 500 Miles laden (and liquid cooled charging cables – where are the Superconductors)
    However for manufacturers that are stretched to the max it will mean changes and upgrades and interruptions

  9. Markle2k

    A day cab diesel tractor is about 17000 lbs. The powertrain (engine/trans) is about 4100. The accessories (cooling/fuel/exhaust/batteries) are about 3100. The drivetrain (axles/suspension) about 2900.
    The trailers are much more variable from 8000 for a short 36 footer to 15500 for a refrigerated 53 foot trailer according to some rental websites.
    The prime mover of an electric truck is a lot less heavy than a diesel, but the "fuel" is quite a bit heavier. The electric motors and batteries are a lot, lot more efficient at turning available energy into motion, so the cooling system should be a lot lighter. There will be no exhaust system. There will be either no need or much less need for a complex transmission.
    The batteries and motors aren't going to add 20000 lbs to a diesel truck to tare out at 50000+ lbs. The diesel motor and its transmission, accessories, fuel and cooling system aren't part of the base weight that an electric drivetrain will be carrying along. Four battery packs and four Model 3 motors don't weigh the same as four Model S P100Ds (iow 4950 lbs x 4). The original 85kWh pack weighs 1200 lbs. The 85D and 100D only differ by 25 lbs in the total weight of the car and are only ~200 lbs more than the original 85 rear wheel drive model. That's just a stupid analysis.

  10. Troy Allende

    In 2030 there will be no diesel engines it's already been calling out he is a threat they all do things that we all talked about years ago never have the guts to do it so he's speed up the clock of the future a car manufacturers I'm scared now Freightliner did have a battery running truck with eating same company that makes the Transmissions but it have problems with the technology came out too fast Freightliner not worry Freightliner Cummins is not married together Freightliner and Detroit Diesel technical is married together they are under the Daimler family. Freightliner already have electric truck and it will be coming out in 2020 I believe they sitting back watching Tesla on that test runs to see how and what and how long the distance the truck and travel the article I ran from California to Colorado on one charge eyebrows up. Daimler is not worry Freightliner got the money to compete and Volvo got the money's and it took technology to compete. KW and Peterbilt they are in the same family that might come a little slower but they can hang on International buyout. Received a need electric trucks to run the self-driven technology you get better control all the computers work in one uniform for a diesel engine that can because is always delayed and communication with a mechanical engine we are going to see a real battle remember Tesla do have a head start Freightline have experience to build a truck so we watch and see just don't fit the trucking industry all over

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