Crazy New Monitors, Laptop, Projector from LG

Taking a look at LG’s new gaming and productivity monitors as well as a quick look at the new gram lineup and Cinebeam 4K UHD Projector!
►Giving away this PC Config:

LG 49WL95C UltraWide:
LG 38GL950G UltraGear:
LG 32UL950 UltraFine:
LG gram:
LG CineBeam :
LG CineBeam (HU85LA) :

28 Replies to “Crazy New Monitors, Laptop, Projector from LG”

  1. Joey The Salvage Muffin

    Bro i dont know if you will see this comment but I WOULD CRY IF I GOT THAT OR HELP ME GET A BETTER SETUP i mean i love your vids i just subbed tho but ive been watching your setup wars they are cool. My setup is just a 3 layer desk thats small and just have an lg tv with just a ps4. I really want a pc because im a very very very small youtuber and im only 12. I was wishing that i become a successful youtuber. I want to givr money to my parents to help pay for their taxes thx for reading

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