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  1. The Dragon Legault

    I completely disagree I played the original Crash Bandicoot games way more times than I've ever played Mario 64 or any Mario game for that matter I find them a lot more fun than Mario not to mention typical Nintendo Fanboy not liking that they don't do hand holding on basic moves that anyone would be able to figure out naturally but because they don't included tutorial to tell you how to do these easy to do moves he counts that as a negative

  2. siloPIRATE

    4:17 the developers threw in extra checkpoints? No they didn't. Pity checkpoints existed in the originals too. It's adaptive difficulty where if you're struggling a lot it will throw in an extra checkpoint or give you an Aku Aku (2 hit one if you're really struggling)

  3. LispyJared

    It doesn’t even deserve to be on a Nintendo. It is made for PlayStation. Crash bandicoot is a PlayStation mascot. Like the sack boy from little big planet. And parappa the rapper. And the clown from twisted metal. And daxter. It sho of be nowhere near some garbage Nintendo. Nintendo is trash.

  4. N

    How do you SAVE the game on the switch? I’ve been trying to figure it out and it doesn’t fucking tell me anywhere I’m getting pissed

  5. Daniel Perez

    I like it better on switch.. I have it on my ps4 pro also but for some reason it feels sluggish / slight unresponsive not sure how to explain it but I like it better on switch it looks good and with the switch pro controller it feels great. Its the same with Doom somehow it just feels better on switch..

  6. Gary dbz

    I'm glad theres no hand holding in this game crash is designed to be a challenge. So many damn games now days are to easy even the new pokemon lets go pikachu looks like its going to be easy from what i've seen at the moment. Old school gameplay with HD visuals is the way to go for me.

  7. dnaganaa_nb

    I like how modern videogame reviews are reduced into: Its hard therefore It's shit. Maybe It's that you are just an idiot? These games are not that hard as you descriebe them. Also no changes should be made for newcomers. Crash has a special feel to it, if a few people cry about so it be. It must retain it's original essence.

  8. TheCigarGuy

    Everyone is going to bash me for this, but this game is severely broke! Some levels seem to be worse than others with some of these issues. I am going to get every game 100 percent completed including all platinums, do a video, and post it where Activision can see it. Will show proof I completed and got all platinum. Now to the issues.

    Crash bandicoot 1 is a vast improvement over the PS4 version when it released. I returned the PS4 version after 5 levels. The PS4 version had me sliding of platforms constantly. They seem to have fixed that issue. The Switch version was enjoyable, and in my opinion harder than the other two in regards to the original that is. Only real challenging part was the time trials.

    Crash bandicoot 2. OMG! Talk about broken! The hit detection is so bad! I never once had above 25 lives, and died so many times on the easiest levels. There are times I press the button to do a short jump, and he jumps like I held the button down leading to death. Then the slide into a spin is super glitchy. I do it and he does the slide and spit but he jumps. I never even press the button. I currently only have 4 levels to get platinum in.

    Have not played crash bandicoot 3 yet, but I figure if they ignored the glaring issues in the first two, they did so in the third. Sadly we live in an era of video games where they are only partially tested.

    In my opinion the time trials should have never been added to the first two games. No longer a remake or remaster, but more like a reimagining. Also this is a kids game. We are playing it for nostalgia. Just like Mario is a kids game. Insanely difficult time trials should have never been added. If they want that so people can try to set records they need to release competition copies like they used to.

    Already rumored a new crash game is coming. Can’t imagine how bad that is going to be. But if they want to go down the road Madden, COD, Assassins Creed, and many other popular franchises they will lose. Test your games or don’t release them. People will get tired very fast of buggy, glitchy, and broken platformers.

  9. Carl Wilson

    “Heeellooo there lovely peeople” – No matter what format this remake comes out on, the physics are off. It’s all eye candy on what is still perfect to play on its original PlayStation hardware or even in emulation.

  10. King Greed

    Note: This game suffers from SEVERE input lag. If you press jump, it takes about 1/2 a second for Crash to jump. It doesn't matter if you play it docked or handheld, it still suffers from it. Go play Mario or BOTW and come back to this game, it feels so sluggish.

  11. sheepytina

    Returning to the comments section because I've been hearing a lot of buzz around the gaming world today that Crash N. Sane may have increased input lag on Switch compared to other platforms.

    If so, that puts a lot into perspective about Alex lamenting the game having heavy controls while the comments from more experienced Crash fans are saying it's totally fine for them.

  12. Chris Tomson

    One of your complaints was there was “no tutorial”. The game puts all the button commands on the screen on level 1. Every level that introduces something new also has their commands shown. What more do you need?

  13. Christopher Bradley

    I completed the first 2 and a half and didn’t find it difficult or timing jumps difficult at all ? But on PC you can set it to 60fps, so maybe that’s the problem.

    I found Kirby Star Allies jarring to play in 30fps too. Maybe platformers are just meant to be 60.

    Apparently they made it 30 “so it feels the same as the old version”, but playing in 60 doesn’t feel different, just smoother ??‍♂️

  14. MosesGoldstien

    Nintendo reviewer reviewing a remaster game originally for the ps1 complaining about bad mechanics in a remaster. I dont see how reviewers cant get it through their thick skulls that a remaster is just an hd port. If you cant adapt to the difficulty then dont play it. Those jumps your missing are because Crash wont stand on a ledge if he only has a toe touching it. Also I dont see a Mario 64 remaster for the switch so why does nintendo get to say shit about the controls comparing it to Mario again?

  15. Toa Matoro

    People complain about games being too easy, and then when something challenging like N. Sane Trilogy comes out, they complain about it being too difficult.

    A lot of people just don't know what they want.

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