Cracking Open Amazon's Echo Auto

We get right to what’s inside Amazon’s newest version of the Echo Auto in this episode of Cracking Open. This teardown of the 2019 Echo Auto contains much review of the device’s $50 price point, who the potential target audience for the device is, and why Amazon would even want to release Alexa devices for your car, beyond the existing Echo Show device slate.

You can buy Echo Auto at Amazon here:
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24 Replies to “Cracking Open Amazon's Echo Auto”

  1. Guy Lessard

    Have you ever thought to dissect a Comcast cable box and especially their newest remote. When I worked at Comcast, there was a rumor that the remote was always listening like and an Alexa or Google Home. When dissecting, concentrate on the mic button.

  2. Sayno MORe

    well it's very useful I mean you rather try to find you're phone in you're car while driving just to find a address or change music I mean this is really smart hands off type of technology . New cars have this technology but how much more useful is it than echo auto 💁‍♂️ I mean I been through alot of new 2020 vehicles most of them have weak software technology so stop hating lol 😅

  3. Joseph Coates

    Could you at least have removed the shield to show what chips are used? The DAC would be of interest to many now that Amazon Music is “HD” quality.
    Also, this is basically an Echo. So even if you find it of no use in the car, it could be useful plugged into an old portable speaker or stereo somewhere. It is the most discrete Echo in size. I could see mounting it under a cabinet in the kitchen or on an office desk, that sort of thing…
    It works fine using an old phone charger. That is how I set mine up, with old charger and a portable speaker, rather than in a hot car.

  4. David Massey

    Damn stop talking so he can open the echo.

    It’s cool cause you can ask it stupid random questions and use it to take down random audio notes, read your audio books, remote control your home stuff, etc

  5. Ellipse40FD / Horizon 42Q

    It’s best used in the car for hands free streaming. You don’t need to look and be distracted to change streaming. So it’s a safety feature. My use is 100% for streaming Sirius from my iPhone, you can voice commend changing stations. Siri can not. The big plus is voice commands for amazon music, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Audible,. It makes Apple CarPlay obsolete.
    I love it. BTW, it doesn’t use anymore cell data than your normal streaming.

  6. Mainz Geneva

    Just want to understand: if my iPhone is using BT to connect with car for audio, what’s the wireless connection technology used for echo auto connect with Alexa app? RF? isn’t it just a expensive wireless microphone?

  7. Toyzri

    It is nothing more than a glorified Bluetooth device for your phone.
    It has absolutely no Alexa ability without a smartphone running the Alexa app.
    Get the Alexa input and use the hotspot ability in your smartphone for a cheaper option.

  8. Moses Avila

    I love mine, my car doesn't have Bluetooth or any type of Smart Auto system, but my house has a bunch of smart devices. I can adjust my thermostat or turn on lights on my way home from work without having to pull out my phone. And it streams audio from my phone without me having to have some type of Bluetooth dongle that I have to turn on every time I get in my car. It just turns on and connects when my car turns on.

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