Convert Normal tv to Smart TV for just Rs.2500

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In this tech video I bring in the new 2019 H96 Max 4K budget android tv box . It is a budget friendly cheap android smart tv box to convert your normal tv to smart tv or even convert old crt tv to smart tv.

Cheap 4K Android TV Box –
AV Cable –
Audio Cable –

This Normal tv to Smart tv H96 Max android tv box Unboxing & Review video covers
H96 Max Unboxing and review
H96 Max Pros & cons

Watch this video fully to know if you can buy this budget android 4k tv box H96 Max and let me know if any questions I will answer them

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29 Replies to “Convert Normal tv to Smart TV for just Rs.2500”

  1. suja tha

    Hi Thanks so much for the video. It was useful. please tell if this supports MP4 file format? most of the time when i download movie or record video it will be stored in MP4 format.

  2. Techies Zone

    What a marvellous editing of your videos.. it does shows how much effort you are putting behind the scenes… Well! Your videos are awesome with great content.. keep it up..and good luck!

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