Control Your Samsung Smart TV with Amazon Alexa

Smart TVs can be connected and controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Smart home assistants. No need for a remote anymore! In this video we go through the process of connecting and controlling a Samsung Smart TV with Amazon Alexa. In order to connect your Samsung Smart TV to Alexa, you will need to download the Amazon Alexa app and also need to setup an account with the SmartThings app (all this is shown in the video).
► Samsung QLED 65″ Smart TV (2020 model) on Amazon:
► Samsung Smart TV (2019 model) on Amazon:
► Echo Dot (smart speaker) with Alexa on Amazon:
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33 Replies to “Control Your Samsung Smart TV with Amazon Alexa”

  1. C L

    Thanks so much! I was able to get it set up after a few failed attempts. However, it keeps saying my Samsung is offline or unresponsive now. 🤷🏼‍♀️ any thoughts? Is this a poor wifi thing?

  2. Gustavo Mendoza

    Ok. So I just got a FitBit Versa 2 and I trying to connect Alexa to my Samsung smart TV. Can I even do that? I'm just curious, trying to unlock the full potential of my FitBit. I'm not the most techy person.

  3. DJ Bilbo

    I can do what i want.
    Alexa won‘t start the TV.

    Alexa says, „The Tv does not answer“.

    -Wake on Lan, is aktivatet in my Router for TV.
    -The TV is connectet with Lan, to my Network.
    -All Commands works, only „Start“ doesnt work

  4. Dr Prince

    It's just turning the TV on and off and controlling the volume. But it is not doing anything with apps like YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime. Can these apps also be controlled?

  5. pica Rosario

    first u speack to fast please take in consideration people look u video are not mother lunguage in english
    only i understand i need download alex frpom the app dint say i need buy the box to connect with the phone
    u specification are not accurate please speack slow ather people as no english as u first lunguage i undretand what u say andd on the video zoon u phone saw wee see what u tap

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