Connecting Your LG Smart TV to Your Sound Bar | LG USA

Enjoy your LG Smart TV as much as possible by connecting your sound bar to it. Follow our video’s simple step-by-step instructions on how to set up your sound bar. You’ll learn how to connect with a Bluetooth sound bar, as well as perform a sound test to ensure your sound bar is paired with your LG Smart TV. In addition, our video gives you tips on using SimpLink to control all of your LG devices that are connected by HDMI.

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28 Replies to “Connecting Your LG Smart TV to Your Sound Bar | LG USA”

  1. Mike K

    Does not work with Klipsch. None of the four codes work. I also saw in a support forum from LG where no significant help was offered. I love the picture on this TV but I am about to return it because the remote will not work with my Klipsch sound bar. Get it right LG!

  2. Ron Compestine

    I just hooked up my sound bar and I have sound to all inputs but I’m not getting sound through any of the smart tv apps. It just continues to play audio for whatever input is selected.

  3. Cindy Moua

    My speaker is not ON I tried reset but is dead, totally! I unplugged it and doesn’t show any light is not working the model is SH3K from LG I need help please.

  4. Dioba Anugrah

    Hello, auntie, I want to ask … how to make the TV sound come out to the speaker. what cable do you use and how? the problem was that I tried the sound not coming out to the speaker. Help me

  5. Nexus Rith

    Oh you'll never know the regret after spending a thousand dollars on a newest 4K LG TV and A 400$ beat studio wireless, just to get screwed by the TV's studpid bluetooth function!!! The LG TV's Bluetooth options only work with LG sh*tty Bluetooth devices if u got other brand headphones then you're screwed. If i knew about it sooner i would've choose Samsung or Sony instead of this greedy brand.

  6. Cam Neo

    How to get sound from both soundbar and tv speaker thru optical cable without switching mode ? I dont need good sound from programs like News and drama , so I cound just volume up the tv speaker and leave the soundbar off.

  7. allan allen

    Ok I have no headphone socket on my tv so I bought 3.5mm Stereo Audio Female Jack to 2 RCA Phono to 3.5 Male Socket Adapter Cable and I can’t get any sound on my LG tv via headphones

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