Connecting Your LG Smart TV to Your Smartphone | LG USA

Curious about how to connect your smartphone to your TV? If you’ve got the LG Smart TV, then connecting your smartphone to your TV is a snap. Simply watch our video and follow its step-by-step instructions—the possibilities of technology are endless! We show you how to use the Screen Share option to view your smartphone screen on the larger TV screen, or the Content Share option, which lets you play content from your smartphone and display it on your Smart TV. Finally, the TV Control option allows you to use your smartphone as a remote.

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35 Replies to “Connecting Your LG Smart TV to Your Smartphone | LG USA”

  1. D Campbell

    Still not ble to connect as no miracast – UPDATE WEB OS overdue. Also add an app to play BT Sport. Coesn't work if ones uses the web browser as geeps closing 'to get more memory' whatever that means. Finally, does LG ever look at these comments?

  2. seiwat wow

    Why the fuk you these TV is not hooked to the new phones I have an LG Stylo for top-of-the-line phone I've tried everything for 3 days I have no voice now I'm going to get a divorce from my wife cut in this fucking TV not a single one of your videos did anything except earn you money for click-baiting thanks a lot asshole

  3. martha

    Thanks, my phone is a MotoG4 and supports Miracast, I can do it with YouTube but when I want to play the movies on my into the LG TV and try to do it "screen share" my phone gives me a message "no available Device" why? Can you help me please?

  4. MrLagarto77

    This is really bad and low, that a major TV vendor like LG relays on a third party application to connect devices to LG tv´s (BAD). With the top of the line OS that LG have build in to the TV.. Why don´t LG invest a bit and implement their own LG connectivity software for connecting any devices to their TV´s?? I have a brand new tv from LG and I can not connect any of my devices to the TV. I have both Iphone and Android, the TV is wired to the network and also by WIFI… On the android mobile, the crappy "Miracast" app. does not find the TV on the same WIFI network (but it does finds my 5-6 years old ChromeCast). On the Iphone you do NOT have Miracast, but the only choice is to use another crappy third party application like "TV Cast".. There I manage to find the TV, but the casting quality is really bad and the picture is out of scale. Can not use it..
    I never thought I would say this… But LG, please take a look at Samsung and how easy it is to connect any device to their TV´s. You can even connect their washing machine to the TV.. They have developed their own connection system for external devices. I am very happy with the general performance of my LG TV, but the connectivity with other devices is really disappointing.. It is actually easier for me to connect my 5-6 years old ChromeCast to the USB on my LG 2017 C7 model to connect any (Iphone or Android) device (mobile, tablet, etc..) and cast or share anything.
    Just disappointing…..!!

  5. Zana Hewler

    التبديل إلى العربية

    Unfortunately, LG Smart TV has many shortcomings such as,

    : Connection port with computer no, no switch button TV and satellite, no place Hedphon, does not support Android sleep.

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