Connecting Your LG Smart TV to Your Home Theater System | LG USA

What’s the point of having a killer home theater system if you can’t use it with your television set? Short answer: there isn’t one. That’s why LG makes connecting your Smart TV to a home theater system so simple. Watch our video for step-by-step directions on setting up a home theater system—so you can enjoy your favorite videos and shows, amazing sound and all.

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36 Replies to “Connecting Your LG Smart TV to Your Home Theater System | LG USA”

  1. Marc Odin

    I just bought a new 75 in LG TV I want to throw the thing off a bridge it will not accept any device I try to use I've tried two different receivers one receiver accepted the cable box but not the Android box the second receiver I tried won't accept any of them to the TV yet both of the receivers and all the other equipment works with every other TV in my house except LG LG customer service tried to help me and they had no idea what they were doing


    haha that funny, iv.e spent a week of eve trying the ARC connection and to no avail, tried optical but the flimsy connection went inside the tv, this is on a $3000 dollar tv, very frustrated and wish the connections they provide were reliable their NOT . tv IS A LG60 INCH 8600-TA

  3. earlyhourbandit

    Just had my brand new LG 55C7P installed today…. and can't get anything to work properly with my receiver. Frustrated is an understatement. These videos don't address any of the common problems. I can even hear audio playing, but the damn tv says it doesn't detect a connection. Love my 1.7k investment so far!

  4. Ganesh Tiwari

    Does LG TV even support for the home Theater system?
    I have LG60UH6035, looking at this video bought a philips home theater and tried connecting as per the video. Only CD player works, but not the TV channels. i called customer support and was informed hdmi arc won’t send sound to home theater and the video component will also not work. The only option is optical digital output, which is not supported by my home theater device 😀

    Requesting you to include complete information in your videos.

  5. T Taylor

    Sorry, but I think that all of LG's tutorial videos focus on the easiest of topics, and ignore everything else. For example, if one has to connect their home theatre system to the TV via optical cable, there is almost nothing on this topic. Instead, we hear the moderator waste almost 60 seconds reading off every possible device which users might want to connect. We can see those devices quite clearly on our TV, and by the 4th video, it's such a waste of time hearing them read AGAIN. Another example: the connection between the TV & home theatre via HDMI is the easiest possible pairing. Why not tackle something a little more challenging, like details connected with the optical cable or why our 4K TV is not transmitting in 4k? Lastl, I have yet to see anything by LG about how to make the receiver the hub of the system instead of the TV? That way, I might be able to work around the fact that my 2016 LG 55E6P "smart" TV does not support Dolby ATMOS? In short, it would be helpful if LG could think "outside the box" somewhat, and cover the challenges most first-time 4K, 3D, OLED, HDR-users will run into? And could anyone tell me whether I'm supposed to refer to my PS3 as a Blu-ray player or a gaming console when I open up the amazingly easy device connector, & try to connect it to the TV 🙂 ? Thx.

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