Connecting Humidifier to Ecobee

Hooking up single wire humidifier to Ecobee. Control internal humidity and manage frost buildup using the smart thermostat.

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  1. razz P

    thanks for sharing, is 28% humidity not too low for the house? Can't that cause damage due to windows shrinking or hardwood if you have them in the house?

  2. Gary Rowe

    I installed using EcoBee 3 & AprilAire 600 today… It worked great Thanks…

    One note to add My EcoBee 3 didn't show the ACC+ and ACC- connections I had to add them in once I had the brown wire connected in.

  3. Andre Horne

    Thanks for sharing!

    What kind of humidifier are you running? I have an aprilaire 400 and there are two water level sensor wires which connect to the valve wiring. Is yours the same?

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