Configuring the Aeotec Smart Energy Dimmer, Part 2

Now that the Aeotec smart dimmer is paired, we need to configure it to automatically report power consumption.

It seems that by default, the Aeotec smart dimmer (and switch) are not configured to automatically report much in the way of power and energy data. You can get that data by polling the device and every once in a while, the Vera Ui7 display updates with power data.

Apparently, none of the device parameters are enabled on this device to automatically report any data. Instead, data is only updated when the Z-Wave controller decides to poll the device.

I wanted automatic reporting, so enabled that. Once enabled, the reports were only sent every 10 minutes and by default had no data included. So I enabled reporting (var.101 = 0x000E) and lower the threshold to 10W (var.111=15). I may change the interval to 60 seconds or so in actual use.

In the next video, we’ll look into how this dimmer works as a light dimmer, specifically with LED bulbs…

Previous video:

Smart Dimmer manual:

Not sure where I located the smart switch technical information from, but if anyone needs it, contact me and I have a copy I can make available.

As always, thanks for watching!

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