Complete Install of Echo Speaks v3 with SmartThings IDE & The New App

In this video we will look at a way to make Samsung SmartThings Smarter by installing and configuring the SmartApp Echo Speaks v3.2 with the Samsungs SmartThings IDE and new app. Echo Speaks allows for Smartthings to directly interact and control multiple Amazon Alexa devices allowing for different automations to include Amazon Alexa.

The video will first go over Installing Echo Speaks v3.2 with the SmartThings IDE. Afterwards we’ll go over how to setup Echo Speaks with the new SmartThings app. Then we’ll take a quick look at how Echo Speaks looks like in the new app compared to the Classic App. Finally, I’ll go over a few of my favorite automation rules that use Echo Speaks v3.2.

Amazon Alexa options:
Echo Plus (2nd Gen):
Echo Show 8:
Echo Show 5:
Echo Dot (3rd Gen):
Echo Studio:
Echo Flex:

Looking to get into SmartThings? All it takes are three easy steps!

Step 1 – Hub:
Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation:

Step 2 – Sensors:
Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor:
Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor:
Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor:

Step 3 – Home Control:
Samsung SmartThings Smart Plug:
GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch:
GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Motion Sensor Light Switch:
Samsung SmartThings Button:

Echo Speaks v3.2:
Echo Speaks Install Options:

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0:00 – Introduction
0:19 – What is Echo Speaks?
0:52 – A note about Account Security
1:08 – Adding the GitHub Repository to your IDE console
1:28 – Installing the Echo Speaks SmartApps
2:11 – Installing the Echo Speaks Device Handler
2:37 – Setting up Echo Speaks in the New SmartThings App
3:38 – Deploying the Echo Speaks virtual app on Heroku
4:41 – Logging into your Amazon Alexa Account
5:08 – Navigating the Echo Speaks SmartApp
6:44 – Taking a look at echo speaks devices in SmartThings (New App)
6:58 – Taking a look at echo speaks devices in SmartThings (Classic App)
7:50 – Automation ideas from The Bearded Tech Guy

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22 Replies to “Complete Install of Echo Speaks v3 with SmartThings IDE & The New App”

  1. Tippy

    @6:10 I'm able to perform the speech and announcement tests successfully, however, none of my previously working actions are currently working with speech or announcement action types. I'm new to echo speaks so not sure how to go about troubleshooting. For example, my action to announce when a door is open doesn't trigger, even though ST detects it. Furthermore, testing the action doesn't do anything either. Any ideas?

  2. Steven Snead

    It gives and error "Oh No something went wrong". I don't think it working. I also tried instlal the ST-comminity-installer and the installer does not work on the iphone it just flashes and goes to the top of the screen when I tap on a smartapp to load. Look like a great app for sure. Sad it not working.

  3. Kaleb Pushard

    Hey man, I keep getting this error upon "Executing Update" when trying to add the 3 files.


    500: Internal Server Error



    Reference Id



    Thu Apr 30 18:02:11 UTC 2020

    Any ideas?

  4. Scott Schramm

    I watched this entire video and was confused what you were even setting up until you showed the demo at the end. Perhaps if you start the video with what the end goal is (show off the features!) that would make the steps to set it up more clear.

  5. ty-wrap

    In the Alexa Guard Control menu of the Echo Speaks SmartApp, I can toggle the guard on and off, which is great. however, if i open the "automate guard changes" and try to set the guard using switches, none work. ive tried virual switches, GE smart switches, outlets, etc. it just wont work. any ideas? i just downloaded it from Github with IDE integration last night, so i know i have the most up to date version of the app. v3.6.1.1

  6. DJ Tony Tempo

    Nice video but I receive the following error after clicking on > Update from Repo | echo-speaks

    500: Internal Server Error



    Reference Id



    Tue Feb 25 21:59:46 UTC 2020

  7. Hugh Dinwiddie

    Excellent video and walk-through!!! I would like to see you show the Washer/Dryer is finished. I'm using a Wemo Insight on my washer and getting notifications when the power drops below 2 watts and it works fine, but I'd rather do voice as my wife doesn't really get the idea of notifications which on the "Show" devices are almost hidden compared with the ring on the Dots. I've changed the device driver to show power meter capability, but even so, I'm missing something when trying to set it up with Echo Speaks. Thanks again!!!

  8. Connect Nick

    Hi BTG, Excellent video !!! Absolutely to the point delivery. I was able to set up and create some Text to Speech automation with echo, however I’m still unable to set a dog barking (mp3 music) play on echo speakers when motion is detected in my porch (virtual trigger in Smartthings created based on Wyze cam motion detection and works fine). Any suggestions?

  9. J R

    Another great informational video!! Would it be possible to you do an update to your wash-machine/dryer notification video to include the echo speaks option to actually announce the laundry is done? Thanks!!

  10. Sean O'Connor

    I tried using the new ST app automations to have it alert me when the fireplace is too hot for the tv above it, but got a bunch of gibberish instead. Turns out the new app really doesn't work well with the TTS function either, so I made a webCoRE piston instead. Just got to figure out how to make sure it's loud enough, and how to return the echo back to the original volume (and not necessarily a preprogrammed volume).

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