Complete Guide Setup Up OpenHAB 2 Configuration Files and Interface

In this video I will show you and explain how to setup the OpenHAB 2 configuration files including the things file, items files, sitemap file, and the rules file. We will also setup Basic UI and Classic UI.
Order the Kits, PCBs or 3D Printed Parts to make the devices here:

Link To OpenHAB 2 OpenHAB 2 Configuration Files (Written Guide):

Link To OpenHAB 2 Web User Interfaces Explanation:

Link To Home Automation Server Guide:

Home Automation Server Videos:
Demo –
Hardware –
Software (Using Mac) –
Software (Using Windows) –
Final Installation –

Check out the official website:


This channel will show you the path to creating your very own Ultimate Smart House using Arduino, raspberry pi, esp8266, OpenHAB 2 and more to do home automation. Each video will be a different project and tutorial that you can follow to make your house more technologically advanced. Also, there is more information as well as detailed guides on

36 Replies to “Complete Guide Setup Up OpenHAB 2 Configuration Files and Interface”

  1. Marc Leon Meyer

    Nice video but i can't acces the openhabian at the beginning when i put in the ssh openhabian@my adress it asks me for a password but i never set up a password and the password "openhabian" dosent work

  2. Aqua Tom

    Great video. I’m. Novice at this and have spent the last few evenings trying to create a things file. Everything works until the sudo nano home.things line. I hit enter then the password and enter and get nano: error while loading shared libraries: libc..6: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory.
    Any help would be great.

  3. Brendan White

    No offence, but can you drop the saying "space" and stuff like that. It sounds like you are treating us like idiots who don't know how to write. People looking at home automation tend to have enough intelligence to work out where to put a space.
    Other than that, great videos for people new to OpenHAB.

  4. Recoil Alliance

    Did you ever create a video on how to add things to the sitemap? I can't find any videos in your list that state this. I want to customize my sitemap more but I'm a little lost as to what to do next.

  5. Brett VK4FBMV

    I'm a beginner and i have an issue with the ssh login password. i can login to openhab using putty fine but logging in to ssh openhabian@ ip address the password doesn't work which following the instructions from the site. Any help would be great.

  6. A. R. C.

    Hello everyone. I have decided to set up a basic automation system to my house after I watched MK-SmartHouse videos over YouTube. I bought a rasberry pi3 and followed the guides. I could reached to the part that we do the configurations over openhab. But after the configurations. When I reboot my rasberry pi, or even I unplag it; I cannot connect to it again. I type my ip adress with :8080 at the end to my web browser and it gives me only ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT and when I try to connect with Putty it gives me this error "Network Error:Connection Timed Out". But before rebooting. I am able to connect over my browser and putty. connection is gone after I reboot my rasberry pi.

  7. Ramakrishnan Manoharan

    Mine is an installation in windows 10 for the openhab 2.1.0, I cannot find the items folder under the openhab2.1.0 folder, but under conf file. should i create it under this? Also how to link this item to the actual items on the open hab?

  8. Jacky Woo

    Hi Matt, I love the way you use "space" word, I am a beginner and you makes it clear for me. After all, your videos are for the people who wanted to learn from you and I think you are doing a great job. I now have reasonable understanding of Things, Items, Sitemap and Rules. Can't thank you enough!!

  9. Jacky Woo

    Hi Matt, I am very very happy with you saying the "space" word, it makes it clear for me a beginner. This is the first video I know exactly what Things, items sitemap and rules do. Thank you for spending the time and making it so clear.

  10. IQHK R

    I can't get the sitemaps to show what u did for the switch ! its empty … I use openhab2 on raspberry pi3 and did what u did to the folders and didn't show anything on my sitemap?
    please help

  11. jimmy jones

    I know that the video hasn't reached 200 likes but could you release the next video?
    Not every video is going to get 200 likes straight away. More videos = more chance of people finding your series = More likes.

  12. Flavio Dexter

    Hope the next videos are coming soon.
    I've bought a raspebby pi and starded messing around wit your first tutorials, now I'm trying and discovering things by myself, still I'm eager to see how to use MQTT telegrams with real sensors.

    Also, to me items and rules are still somewhat obscure

  13. Tom Carpenter

    Matt Great series. I started to use OpenHab a year or so ago and had trouble with it. Came across your videos yesterday and followed your setup. I now have it running through to this last video. Looking forward to your next video. Keep up the great work.

  14. Eryk Skotarczak

    For God's sake! Why are you editing in the console! This makes people afraid of using such a great system as OpenHAB. I'm also a beginner right now and watch your videos with great attention but editing in console – SIC!!!
    So please yse a tool that is designed for it, it is Eclipse SmartHome Designer, this editor runs on every platform/system and provides syntax checking and highlighting. It's absolutely marvelous for editing AND creating all types of configuration files.

    I'm using the version 0.8.0 and it works the best, newer version have some problems. Just make the config file folder of your OpenHAB server viable through Samba and start editing on the remote server.

    You can download Eclipse SmartHome Designer here:
    Also read about it here:

    My personal hint (the editors menu is very limited but there are very useful key shortcuts):
    – new file Ctrl+N
    – syntax hint/auto-completition Ctrl+Space

  15. Prince Philip

    I have installed Home Assistant with Mqtt devices(sonoff) work well. However I feel Openhab is for the long term solution.

    Let me know your thought on this. Should I shift to openhab ? Are you going run a video on Sonoff Devices ?

  16. Michael Classen

    Thank you Matt I could not figure it out until your video is help me most blinding 2 version have no problem but just blinding 1x I have problem it would not show up at paper ui control but I noticed it only showed up at classic ui and basic ui after your video. Thank you and keeping making more videos so get more better understanding how to use openHAB 2

  17. jimmy jones

    You might want to refrain from actually saying "space" it gets a bit annoying after a while. Thanks for doing this series. This video and the ones to come are the ones I need the most. I already had the system running and could access the GUI before you started the series.

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