Complete Guide Setup openHAB Cloud Connector and (Setup Remote Access)

In this video I will show you and explain how to setup the OpenHAB cloud connector and These two things will allow us to remotely access our Home Automation servers running openHAB 2 from anywhere in the world.
Order the Kits, PCBs or 3D Printed Parts to make the devices here:

Link To OpenHAB 2 setup openHAB Cloud Connector and (Written Guide):

Link To OpenHAB 2 Configuration Files:

Link To OpenHAB 2 Web User Interfaces Explanation:

Link To Home Automation Server Guide:

Home Automation Server Videos:
Demo –
Hardware –
Software (Using Mac) –
Software (Using Windows) –
Final Installation –

Check out the official website:


This channel will show you the path to creating your very own Ultimate Smart House using Arduino, raspberry pi, esp8266, OpenHAB 2 and more to do home automation. Each video will be a different project and tutorial that you can follow to make your house more technologically advanced. Also, there is more information as well as detailed guides on

26 Replies to “Complete Guide Setup openHAB Cloud Connector and (Setup Remote Access)”

  1. Bus 22

    what?… i am starting out with raspberry Pi and i am probably way over my head with this whole "i wanna go and make an alarm system with this Pi" thing but i think you are going a little to fast. how did you even get to the site to download paper UI? I need some help haha. i also looked at your pdf tutorial and that didnt explain it very well either. please walk me through how to get on the site, then i think i could get it from there
    thanks in advance

  2. Jan Tuitman

    hey matt, thanks for youre great tutorial.. you helped me a lot. Very clear and it all went well so far. , But. the moment i want to use the App , things go wrong, Its says, SSl handshake is not possible. I searched the web for solutions, I am not the only person who is dealing with this. ,, But a good solution i could not find, do you have any idea? I have android 6 on my phone, thanks in advance. greetz from holland,,

  3. Ken Cook

    Hey just wanted to say thanks for your great videos! I am just getting started with OpenHab and your videos have made the setup much easier. I appreciate you taking the time to put these together and for sharing them with noobs like me.

  4. Ulf

    Any ideas why the myopenhab service doesn't get online? I pasted the uuid and the password into my account. The cloud connector is installed. Also I have updated and upgraded the system and installed the newest java version. A reboot is done. Nevertheless it is not working

  5. Djaber Kharoubi

    Hi, thnkyou so much for this great work, I installed the OpenHab2 on Windows machine, I got a password field when I wrote this command """sudo nano /var/lib/openhab2/uuid""" !!!
    so how I can get the OpenHab UUID and OpenHab Secret ?, need help 🙂

  6. Govind Narayanan

    Thanks for your wonderful explanation. I will do this for sure. My Openhab2 with pi3 is detecting the network with LAN. But wifi its not picking the network. Even i have set the SSID, PWD. any help or tips ?

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