Complete Guide Fire Sensor MQTT OpenHAB ESP8266 : Software MAC

In this video I will show you the Software of the ESP8266 MQTT OpenHAB Fire Sensor and how to connect and set it up with openHAB 2 using a MAC. We also set up a rule that when the fire sensor goes off it sends a notification.
Order the Kits, PCBs or 3D Printed Parts to make the devices here:

Link To MQTT OpenHAB ESP8266 Fire Sensor (Written Guide):

Link to all the Parts and Tools:

Link To Home Automation Server Guide:

Home Automation Server Videos:
Demo –
Hardware –
Software (Using Mac) –
Software (Using Windows) –
Final Installation –

Check out the official website:


This channel will show you the path to creating your very own Ultimate Smart House using Arduino, raspberry pi, esp8266, OpenHAB 2 and more to do home automation. Each video will be a different project and tutorial that you can follow to make your house more technologically advanced. Also, there is more information as well as detailed guides on

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