Complete Guide Door/Window Sensor: OpenHAB Software V2 MAC + WINDOWS

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In this video, I will show you the firmware v2 and how to connect the ESP8266 MQTT OpenHAB Door Sensor to openhab using windows or mac. Home Assistant item config in the description. With this Door Sensor, we will be able to see the status of the door from mobile devices and OpenHAB. I will show you how to make the door sensor viewed by openHAB 2, siri, home kit, Amazon echo (Alexa), google home, ios and Android. The door sensor will also send notifications to your phone.

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Complete Guide To Door Sensor Software V2:

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Door Sensor Kit:
Raspberry Pi Kit:
Google Home Mini:
Phone 1:
Phone 2:
SD Card Reader:
Raspberry Pi 3:
Power Adapter:

LED Strip + Door Sensor –
Door Sensor Playlist –
OpenHAB Configuration files:
Home Automation Server:

Demo –
Hardware –
Software (Using Mac) –
Software (Using Windows) –
Final Installation –

Check out the official website:

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Berlin, Connecticut 06037

This channel will show you the path to creating your very own Ultimate Smart House using Arduino, raspberry pi, esp8266, OpenHAB 2 and more to do home automation. Each video will be a different project and tutorial that you can follow to make your house more technologically advanced. Also, there is more information as well as detailed guides on

★★Home Assistant Item Config★★
sensor DoorSensor1:
– platform: mqtt
name: “Door Sensor”
state_topic: “MK-SmartHouse/security/MK-DoorSensor1”
retain: true

7 Replies to “Complete Guide Door/Window Sensor: OpenHAB Software V2 MAC + WINDOWS”

  1. Luis V

    Hi, I download the .ino file and uploaded to a node mcu v1 to test it before and when I disconect and connect the module from the power, the wifi reset and make it again a AP again. can you help me?

  2. B K

    Hello, i really love your videos and u inspired me
    If u dont mind, i want to ask a question
    I am really lost to choose between openhab2 or homeassistant

    What do u recommend?

  3. Matthew Pferchy

    Finally great videos that actually explain how MQTT, OPENHAB, and other platforms/protocols work. I have spent a year looking for videos that explain things like this. Before I found your channel I was wondering around trying to find vids that would help me get my smart home up and running. Thanks for the great content Matt! With this version 2, similar to how ESPeasy and homie framework, it's much easier to setup and monitor sensors. I have created an item group in openhab to monitor my sensors, their single strength, mac address, and up time. Thanks again!!

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