Complete Guide Connect Belkin WeMo Device To OpenHAB 2 : Light Switch

In this video I will show you how to connect or setup a Belkin WeMo device with OpenHAB 2. I will be connecting my Belkin WeMo Light Switch to OpenHAB 2 but the same process can be used for other WeMo devices.
Order the Kits, PCBs or 3D Printed Parts to make the devices here:

Link To Connect Belkin WeMo Device To OpenHAB (Written Guide):

Link to all the Parts and Tools:

Link To Home Automation Server Guide:

Home Automation Server Videos:
Demo –
Hardware –
Software (Using Mac) –
Software (Using Windows) –
Final Installation –

Check out the official website:


This channel will show you the path to creating your very own Ultimate Smart House using Arduino, raspberry pi, esp8266, OpenHAB 2 and more to do home automation. Each video will be a different project and tutorial that you can follow to make your house more technologically advanced. Also, there is more information as well as detailed guides on

18 Replies to “Complete Guide Connect Belkin WeMo Device To OpenHAB 2 : Light Switch”

  1. Glenn Tracy

    Great video. Well done. As to the Wemo switches. They in and of themselves are ok. Once they are first configure they work ok. The problem comes with the Wemo app. It is without a doubt the worst piece of junk I have ever seen. I run it on both Android and iPhone. Very unreliable and flakey. Also, do not let the switches automatically upgrade. This too is an at best flakey and often times broken practise. I have had switches left in a perpetual upgrading state. Very difficult to get them out of it. Had numerous called to the Wemo support. While they are nice the problem stems back to the bad to poor developers. Bottom line is "Caveat Emptor", buyer beware. Matt's solution here is great. If you just want to test functionality of your Wemo device and you are on Windows I highly recommend you download a copy of AllWemo.exe by Enrique Hernandez. I have not affiliation with him or his company just like his software. I hope this helps others. Now on to more of Matt''s great videos and OpenHab2.

  2. Timophei

    Hey man, first of all thanks for your videos, great job! Can you tell me what else can I use insteaв WeMo, I need a similar device (EU) which will be compatible to OpenHAB2 and working nice and smooth.

  3. B. John Beaumont

    For this video, you used a WeMo switch that was already connected to your internet. The Openhab system found it & Connected as it should… Can you now remove this WeMo switch from the WeMo cloud services? and it will still work??? I just found out about this, and want to remove my current 3 smart devices from their cloud servers, plus any future smart devices I purchase.

  4. DiazEA

    Hello great demo. Can you provide information on the tablet you are using and the frame its in? I am trying to find something to mount a tablet elegantly in same way but haven't been able to locate it. Thanks!

  5. MadSpin

    Dood… I LOVE YOU MK!!! … i straight been following all your guides man I swear you made this sooooo easy for me. Thank you so much! I'll keep you posted on my project but essentially I was able to get my first Z-Wave power switch to work following your guides on config files and this wemo video. Peace!

  6. AJax201222

    Personally, I never recommend Belkin WeMo devices…I have 2 and they disconnect from the network constantly. Looking to replace my light switch with something a bit cheaper (preferably Z-wave), but also looking at Sonoff for the smart outlet.

  7. Elliot Nauert

    Hey Matt,

    Have you personally tried using the WeMo Mini Smart Plug? I saw that you had it linked on your website. I've been trying to get mine working with my openHAB setup but haven't been able to get it going yet. The docs only explicitly list "Socket, Insight, Lightswitch, Motion and Maker devices" as compatible devices but not the Mini Smart Plug. Let me know if you've taken a look at that device. Thanks!

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