CNET How To – How to install the Belkin WeMo LightSwitch

Walk through the wiring to install Belkin’s smart WeMo LightSwitch

24 Replies to “CNET How To – How to install the Belkin WeMo LightSwitch”

  1. kubtastic

    Bad: Belkin provides no documentation for interpreting status lights. Worse: must be installed through your smartphone. Worst: "help" is a series a web pages that don't even filter for your product.

  2. Brantley Briley

    Do NOT buy a Belkin WeMo light switch.  I did and needed technical support.  I talked to five, yes five, different people over a 45 minute time period and not one of them could assist me.  It was like being in the Twilight Zone.  Do not do it.  You will regret it.

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