Chris Harris Drives… Best of Practical Performance: Tesla Model S, Nissan GT-R | Top Gear

Right, so you’ve got a family, but the Nürburgring isn’t going to lap itself, is it? Fear not – here’s Harris at the wheel of some of the best practical performance cars from the past few years.

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26 Replies to “Chris Harris Drives… Best of Practical Performance: Tesla Model S, Nissan GT-R | Top Gear”

  1. Shibumi

    Chris tried REALLY hard to dislike the Tesla… lol… one thing, I never heard him once talk about driving modes while he was criticizing the road performance…?? Did he never change it to better handle the bumps and such? 🤔

  2. Fred Pinczuk

    Nissan GT-R is what BMW M5 series should be. Fast, dependable, reliable. Shame on the Germans, maybe less training engineers on how to cheat emissions and more on actual proper engineering. And for those who will use MSRP as an excuse, lets debate how you would gladly trade a little less HP out of the M5 for Nissan Reliability.

  3. golf1diesel

    You're free to drive my lightly modded fn2 and tell me how bad the beam is. Like Mr Ichishima-san said(Spoon CEO),the type of suspension matters,but the setup is more important.Anyway, If you want a proper EP3, you get the jdm one

  4. Stev A

    Why does he keep saying 120…? The Porsche didn't catch it until 135mph, not 120. Those two numbers are nowhere close to the same thing. So why does he keep saying 120??????? Lastly, the only other mistake I found in this vid is saying the Alfa Romeo Giulia has ANYTHING better than the BMW M3. Lol. I've driven both, and while I like the 335i coupe better than the M3, the M3 is heads and shoulders better than the Giulia on every level. Period!

  5. solarisdreams

    You rest your case Chris….$185K can beat a $84K car if you race 0-135m/h. This is why Elon has such a good time stringing petrolheads along making ya'll think there's hope. It's all over with Plaid.

  6. Benedikt

    Why would you compare the 911 R against a Tesla?? 911 R is speial because it only has the amount of electronics required by law. It is bloody quick but that aint the point of the car, the point of the car is to be a modern puristic 911. A turbo s is wayy quicker. 911 R 0-60 is 4 seconds. They should have taken another car that is more compatible. When I drive the my van against a mustang ofc I know who wins. I mean the 911 R is a damn manual

  7. Blake Grey

    TopGear was just a good car show, with Chris, Mat, and Rory, but now with the two new presenters, it’s just not as good.

    The Grand Tour, has that special bond, and always makes me laugh.

  8. Larkspeed

    The Tesla did not beat the 911 to 150, since the 911 was catching up when you reached 150 it was already doing 150 before you got there. You just happened to be further ahead at 150 but the 911 got there first.

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