Chris Emerson – One Year Driving the Nissan Leaf

My good friend Chris Emerson has driven a Nissan Leaf for the last year, and we spent an afternoon chatting about his experiences driving an electric vehicle. Friendly warning that this is a long video, but Chris is a pretty insightful guy. If you’ve been curious about EV’s in general (and the Leaf specifically) this is a pretty in-depth look at what owning one in Los Angeles is like.

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29 Replies to “Chris Emerson – One Year Driving the Nissan Leaf”

  1. supkirsten

    As the owner of a 2015 Leaf I have to say this video is pretty accurate. I've had a whole change in how I think about travel and cars. I love never going to the gas station and we get to charge for free. I have NEVER paid for a charge yet as our city offers several NCTC (nochargetocharge) stations and so does Nissan. Rethink maintenance as well. I can't claim it is "no maintenance" but let's just say, very low maintenance. I have never before "loved" the driving experience but the Leaf changed all that. If you are sitting on the fence about buying a Leaf, go test drive one!

  2. gilleojax

    Great video … as always. I looked at the date and it was 4 years ago … wow. Did you ever do a follow up video with Chris to see if his experience had changed? Like the last commenter, this has totally convinced me that I need to look into EV cars. Thanks for another great video

  3. john

    I call bs. Who takes two hour lunches? Most people don't have this kind of time to waste. These cars are tops for travel within a single city, but I don't see it for long range travel. Suspect you will see many families have one of these and then a normal car for long trips. That seems like the best mix for a reasonable family.

  4. Matteo .Bassini

    Here's an even funnier one. Because I can actually afford the lifestyle (having a gasoline vehicle), I don't need to worry about gas prices. When I'm out of gas, I just refill it. And that's it. I think if you worry about gas prices so much, you probably can't afford it.

  5. BrewersArcade

    I just got a 2012 SL for $8200 out the door with 28,500 miles. These machines are a steal these days. It's the perfect commuter car. Loving it. Plus, the stereo actually is awesome! Killer quality!

  6. Mark Plain

    Juan, can you please pass my regards to Chris. This video and discussion by Chris and yourself is the best full review on the car. I FINALLY got one and I'm in the honeymoon phase. Everything that Chis is talking about is exactly what has happened to me from playing with the various modes to the typical questions anyone asks me. I even use Chis' response "miles per gallon? The only time I have gas in my car is when I deliver gas to my friend who has run out of gas."
    I drive to work and back and already know that I'm well within range, so I neglect what the gauge says, drive the car like a demon and have the aircon on. But I'm yet to go through the experience of driving the battery to a low charge.
    Also I have also picked up that the moment I discuss the car range, my friends suddenly become "world travellers", and drive way more than the range, to which I brush aside their remark. I have to admit I have become a bit of an a-hole in drag racing the odd car as the power of this car is simply over the top.
    If you or Chris come to Toronto, please contact me, you guys have free beer on me… oh I also ditched my iPhone

  7. DonR.

    The Leaf's platform appears to be shared with the Versa, however itit actually an entirely different platform which is not shared with any of the other gasoline cars as per Nissan.

  8. Boo Tran

    Calif has the 2nd highest electrical residential rate in the nation with more cars then 40 other states combined – if we all went to EV the city of Los Angeles would have a high voltage electrical melt down – ever see one of those signs that says "Danger High Voltage" – there going on be on every corner to put 38 million people in Ev's – that's not going to work ! A typical busy gas station in LA goes thru a truck load of gasoline a day or roughly 8900 gallons – it takes 2 to 3 minutes to fill your car with gas from the time you pull the trigger until its full – now it takes 2 hours with electric – maybe the dealerships should throw in a free sleeping bag so you can camp out while your waiting in line to get all charged up once everybody goes to EV – Aside from all that back in the 80's when car manufactures started building diesel powered cars the government jacked up the cost of diesel and that put an end to that – As soon as EV's gain enough popularity they'll pull the same stunt all over again you watch

  9. Leaf Lover96

    I just bought a 2015 leaf and love it. I had an electrician come and put a 240 volt outlet in my garage and then I bought a level 2 plug in charger from Clipper Creek. Easy car and very fun to drive. No range anxiety at all. I just plug it in for a few hours and I'm good to go.

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