22 Replies to “Chinese Tesla wannabe: Introducing the electric car Yudo π1”

  1. Clarence

    Chinese should start bribing the policy makers and environmentalists in countries outside China including my country. The reason we don't get these cars are Germans and Japanese car markers who only want to sell only their cars as soon as 2078. We want them now. Maybe it's me

  2. HKG888

    Your title says "Tesla Wannabe" but this vehicle is not designed to compete with Tesla at all. It is a basic utilitarian vehicle that will satisfy the needs of many ordinary citizens and users in China without breaking their wallets. And Tesla is not even the first company to manufacture electric battery powered on highway cars in the world. That honor should go to the Chinese manufacturers, many of whom are selling a lot more such vehicles than Tesla Motors every year. Tesla is a big JOKE and a hyper-HYPED American company that no one outside of America really respect.

  3. lancpudn

    This EV at this sort of price point and will be very important if it ever comes to the European/world markets in getting people to switch to electric vehicles. I would have liked some more technical details.

  4. Sudheer K

    Do you know BYD Yuan EV360? Same price (about 80k-100k RMB), 350km range. and from a big house )(BYD). You might want to review that one. I am looknig to buy one Yuan EV360.

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