Chevy Bolt vs BMW i3 crash tests. Guess which didn’t make the top safety pick?

Chevy Bolt & BMW i3. IIHS crash testing of these 2 electric vehicles. One of them made the top safety pick rating while the other missed the cut. Watch to find out which! Hint…you’ll be surprised!

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  1. Sidney Mantissa

    Obviously biased review. This review is like saying:

    One student scored a 100 on a test, but another student FAILED to score 100 because they missed one question and only scored a 99.

    So funny!

    The truth is, both cars performed well in these tests.

  2. Alex Larson

    The bmw has a stronger safety cage and performed better in every test except head restraints which is why it did not get a top safety pick. BMW Mercedes-Benz and Volvo are the safest cars on the road and are the only ones that don’t haves seat back failure. I saw an article online where a bmw i3 hit a tree at 70mph and the driver walked away with a small cut on his leg. This automatically proves it’s safer. There is no way you could survive that in a bolt never mind walk away from it. The i3 scored 81 from consumer reports the bolt scored 77. The bmw is definitely a better car all around. The bmw is more reliable and has better quality as well.

  3. Sidney Mantissa

    The Chevy bolt earned top safety pick status while the BMW i3 PASSED with ratings better than most vehicles, including the Tesla Model S.

    Note that the headlights in the cheaper Chevy Bolt were rated as POOR, which is a measure of a vehicle's ability to illuminate the road in front of you at night. Poor illumination at night means a greater risk of accidents at night.

    Top safety during the day, but poor safety at night for the Chevy Bolt.

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