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  1. Tony Grubb

    It doesn't help that your tire pressure is off and you're using 64% of your energy on climate control. Everything has an impact on efficiency. And John Smith, most gas powered vehicles get nowhere near 500 miles so I'm not sure where you're going with that. My Chevy Volt has been averaging 80 mpg on my 60 mile round trips to work and back. Maybe that would've been a better choice for you Steve.

  2. Craig Moore

    Every Chevy dealer that I have been to has a level 2 charger locked up inside the shop where you can't get to it. I have been able to use the chargers at the local BMW dealership. GM really does not want us to charge these cars Summer or Winter.

  3. Steve Dutcher

    You get better range the slower you drive, 60-62 mph is a good speed any time, but especially in the winter!! If range is not a problem, then you can drive 70 mph, but I rarely drive over 67 mph, I don’t like it when I’m over 20 kWh while driving, I want my solar to recharge both my cars.

  4. Matt Barnes

    Thank God I live in Ohio….we rarely get below zero temps. I had to LOL when you said it was quite warm….I’d hate to see what cold means to you….lol…..I’ll need at least 130 miles on mine when I get my Bolt. Nice video!

  5. mosfet500

    Hi Steve,
    Our Bolt has about 8.5k on it now. Great car! I have PV here so it's been free miles as my system is paid off. I want to put in wind next and microhydro. Good luck with your Bolt!
    If I do hilltop its two bars down from full charge, so 18 bars divided by 20 (full) is 90% charge on hilltop, just curious, how did you get 87%?

  6. ZX14er

    Another factor to consider in the wild west is our higher speed limits. Our 2 lane is 70mph. That makes a considerable difference compared to 55.

  7. ZX14er

    Running a Bolt out of Laramie, WY. Cold because of our 7200' elevation. It's the wife's daily commuter and as such, would only need a weekly top off. However a week doesn't go by without a trip to Cheyenne, (90 mile round trip) or Ft. Collins, CO ( 150 mile round trip). It's interesting to watch the guess-o- meter change it's forecast range as we make the 2300' climb back to Laramie from Ft. Collins. I've warned the wife to be a little pessimistic when the temperatures drop! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  8. Scott Franco

    I got almost the textbook 240 after leaving the dealership in reasonably warm conditions. I have seen it as high as 260. In winter here is San Jose, temps in the 50s, I am down to 180, mainly because I don't spare the seat heat and the air heater. I would rather be comfortable and charge more often than score a high number.

  9. Trevor Kemp

    Ironically enough when the temperature gets to about 43 degrees Fahrenheit all of the battery conditioning in a lithium battery is not needed because it is warm enough to happily charge and discharge without needing to be any warmer so literally if it's 43 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer out you'll get the full 238 miles range minus a few PSI in your tires and minus any energy used by the heater if you need to run heat in the car so when it gets warm enough to the point where you don't need to run the heater or you need to run the heater on loads to keep it a little warmer than ambient temperature outside which I don't think would be very necessary you'll start seeing really good range on your car some people have posted videos where the car literally says it could do 390 miles on a single charge so there is a lot of stuff that you could do to improve efficiency in your car like instead of running the heater on manual mode run it on automatic mode instead of running the seat heaters on high run them on low or medium cuz those are horribly inefficient instead of having the heat set at 74 degrees on manual mode set it at 74 72 degrees in automatic mode and those are all things that would improve your range oh and during the winter I would not use Hilltop assist mode on the car and charge up to 100% at home to get you that extra range as well that 13% if you drove the car and nice and you didn't run the heat so high in your in the Heat and automatic mode would be enough to get you the round trip that you are describing without having to go charge the car on a day like the one that you are filming the video running your heat on a higher setting that definitely sacrifices a good fuel miles of range as well as not charging the battery to full sacrifices usable range and as a comparison for how quickly your battery will wear out look at the battery degradation on Tesla's as well as in Toyota Priuses I have a Toyota Prius 2007 over two hundred and fifteen thousand miles on it with a hybrid pack capacity of 87% left on it currently in the Prius uses a nickel battery which are known to degrade faster than lithium batteries Plus yes using Hilltop mode will prolong the overall life of your battery since you're not charging it up to the top end but in Winter conditions like that where you would start to get the whole range anxiety thing with using Hilltop mode I would turn it off and then in summer I would use Hilltop mode.

  10. steamtorch

    The Level 3 charger required at Chevy Dealers who sell Bolts is a myth. Local dealers sell the Bolt and none of them has a Level 3. In fact, their Level 2's appear to be 3.8 KW units installed for the Volt.

  11. steamtorch

    Michigan winters – I got 144 miles predicted range during the coldest days – subzero mornings. The Bolt heating system is pretty good actually, definitely better than my Gen I Volt had. Why resistive heating? You'd have to have it anyway as a backup to a primary heat pump because heat pumps are inefficient in "real" winter temperatures. The bolt resistive heater is based on tankless water heater design, it does the job.

  12. John Smith

    Wind-chill has absolutely no effect on the vehicle or actual temperature. You said it was -20 and the car showed it was 10 degree. For now these vehicles are not practical. I hope that changes. They need to get the price cut at least in half, the driving range at least 500 miles while using the heat or air, and the charge times down to 10 or15 minutes. Right now they are little more than an over priced toy.

  13. Steve Dutcher

    Before I drive in cold weather, I try to have the final charge from hilltop mode(87%) to full charge just before I leave. That helps warm up the batteries. I’m still learning myself, every trip I make I learn more about the car! Today I drove the Volt to Fargo, I got 32 miles out of 13.7 kWh of charge. The fuel economy in the high 20’s, even gasoline engine suffer high fuel lost in these cold conditions (-18 to -3 f).

  14. Dave G

    I'm located in the Twin Cities and considering the Bolt. Do you precondition your car at home before departing? With the 10 minute remote start, how many degree's can you heat the cabin in that time, and how many kwh does it use? I'm all about efficiency, but given the weather we're having this winter, there's no way a heated seat and heated steering wheel will work at -15F -20F. On that trip to Winnipeg I think your screen showed roughly 3 miles per kwh if I recall. Does this includes heating the car from 10F when you left? Thanks for the cold weather testing.. Greatly appreciated from a midwest person who's done trips to Fargo and Grand Forks several times.

  15. TRY to HELP you

    Great video. Thanks for sharing this info. Did u know there was a Chevy spark EV? I recently posted a review of the car on my channel if u wanna see it. 80 mile range. 19kWh battery. Recently with the 6 and 3 degree mornings, I have been getting half my range but that is mainly due to heater use. Even without the heater it looks like it's about 20 miles less than regular.

  16. Kyle York

    Pretty much my exact experience! I also came from a Volt, and love my Bolt. I’m getting similar range in Northern Ohio, I’m right around 130 miles at 100%. Thanks for your honest review.

  17. H Mussavi

    You get less rang in winter because you run the heat if you use the heat less you can get more range and if it show 106 mile it's just guessing on your previous drive if you drive more efficient and don't run the heat you get more range

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