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  1. Garret Crawford

    I inflate by temporarily spare tire 30 pounds once I have it in the well. 30 pounds allows me to still wiggle the tire out of the well and then carry two pumps. One cheap and quality, just in case one fails. If they both fail at least I have 30 pounds per f air in the tire to get to a station with an air compressor.

  2. malin gehring

    Nice.. BUT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW…… You should never put the donut tire on the drive wheels (front) the difference in size between left and right will force the transmission to spin at different rates, and will destroy the car's transmission. When you change the front flat, put a rear identical stock tire on the front and then the donut goes in the non=transmission rear end…

  3. jwhistler2005

    I run Pirelli Cinturado P7 run flat tires on my 2017 Chevy Bolt and I don't worry about flats. The great thing about that tire is the extremely low rolling resistance, also {even better than the original OEM factory-installed (self-sealing tires) that came with the car(!)}. The actual tire that I use is a Pirelli Cinturado P7 205/55/R17, it's a long-lasting tire (70k mile warranty), quiet with low acoustics, and it feels amazing to drive on. HOPE IT HELPS SOMEBODY!! (Thumbs-up if I did!)

  4. Matt D

    I just love your super happy entry song to the video! It made me go over to my neighbors and hug their kitty lol 2017 Bolt Premier here – great video!

  5. coniacman

    I have a 2020 Bolt. I looked at the trunk well and was surprised to see 8 threaded studs protruding up from that well. I wonder what the original purpose of those studs were for. Any guesses???

  6. Ed McGuigan

    Cheers for this. Brought home a used 2017 Bolt LT with 27k miles. It's for my wife and I don't feel comfortable leaving her without a spare tire. She's a can do type so if I give her the wherewithal, she will change that flat tire for herself.
    I was wondering why you didn't try deflating it until you did – the problem with the donuts is that they need to be super hard or they will seriously overheat ( speaking from experience ) so you absolutely need to have a pump of come kind in the trunk to get them to the 60spi they are supposed to be at so deflation is no biggie. After a year in the trunk the tire will be way below 60psi and need inflating anyway.

    I would look for a better inflator than the one you bought. There are electric jack/inflators that I will be looking into. I would be worried about that Slime cheapo giving out when I needed it.

    You wonder if they didn't just make a huge screw up with the well and decided to just say that it didn't have a spare to cover their asses.

    If I were going to use a donut, I would put it on the back even if that meant taking a good rear tire and putting on the front. Having the donut on the driven and steering wheels seems like a risk not worth taking. When you jack up the Bolt, both wheels come off the ground so you could do that ( carefully ).

  7. Idol Hanz

    I keep a tire contract going with ATC and I have 3 spares at home ready to go including one mounted to a rim. I have a jack and air compressor onboard . Most trips are short with several weekly 70 miles trips. The spares come in handy where you dont have to wait for a new tire to arrive at the local ATC store, and 1 spare at home is mounted on a rim,, ready to go.

  8. Ron Carguy

    I am concerned about those sheet metal screws that protrude up into the floor well from under the car. They appear that they may damage the tire. Any thoughts? Also what year Sonic is the tire from?

  9. L Wang

    Thanks for posting this informative video! Great to know that a deflated Chevy Sonic spare tire will fit in the tire well. Noticed you were using a floor jack vs the emergency jack you have listed above. Does your emergency jack work well with the Bolt? Have seen posts in Bolt forums recommending the Chevy S-10 scissors jack with the dimple that fits the jack points on the Bolt.

  10. Ron Alaska

    Going to be fun in my Premier 2020 as the Bose base speaker and amp are there, so I need to use the upper cover as a base for the tire! Will get back with outcome soon! Weird thing is the base speaker was unplugged, sounds better now that I plugged it in!

  11. Ron Alaska

    Chevy did that inch short of fitting just for fun, it would have been easy to do! Definitely move the tires so it is on the back, I would not risk the transaxle!

  12. MiniBX

    The tires on the Bolt are NOT run flat , they are self seal . Run flats will give a harsher ride but will not completely go flat , the self seal have a compound or good that will activate with a puncture but is not foolproof the seal material runs where the tire makes contact with the ground. Run flats are expensive hard to fix , harsh ride , heavy etc..

  13. kens97sto171

    I was sitting there screaming at the phone deflate the tire lol then he did of course. I would caution you about running that donut on the front Wheel. Especially if you were going to be driving at highway speeds. That's the substantially smaller tire and the rotational speed will be much higher on one side versus the other You can damage the differential in the transmission transaxle whatever they call it. So if you had a blowout on a front tire what you really want to do is move a rear tire to the front and put the donut on the back where it won't matter that the size is different. You might still get a weird warning light from the ABS system because the wheel speed sensors are going to detect a radically different speed from one sensor. but that won't prevent you from driving the car to a place where you can fix the tire.
    Clever fix I'm glad it worked out. The lack of a spare tire is definitely a concern of mine on any car because I like to take road trips and that's a good way to ruin a road trip be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. The other alternative is to carry a big bottle of slime and a compressor as long as the hole is not too large it will usually fix it.

  14. coldstreams

    Am interested in the Bolt but the lack of a spare tire would be an issue for me in this area. We live in Redmond and think we are probably near you 🙂 Probably the same issue for you!

  15. Sly Dog

    I'm pretty sure that the "spare tire well" is actually for a sub-woofer for the upgraded sound system option. I bought a donut spare from ebay which fits nicely and the diameter is almost exactly as stock. I also have an LT but did get the optional false floor which hides the tire and tools. The auxiliary power port is supposed to work with the car off. I haven't tried it.

  16. Andy Murray

    Thanks for posting this, great to finally SEE someone do it! The lack of spares on many new cars, and all EVs is driving me crazy! As is typical with doughnut spares it is smaller in diameter than the regular tires. I have heard it speculated that might create problems with some of the modern gadgetry like traction control, etc. I wonder if you've actually driven it, and whether the car was giving you any strange behaviour or warnings? It might also make a difference if it's on the back vs front. BTW, I'm pretty sure you can fit either a full size or doughnut in the Niro EV, it seems to be the only one currently on the market that will fit.

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