Chevy Bolt Shines in Electric Car US Sales for March

March has been a great month for electric car sales and Chevy Bolt is proving that theory right with Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3 producing great sales numbers for March as well. Here to discuss winners and loser is the contributor in his own segment “Plugged-In with Tom Moloughney”. Check out Tom’s blog at:



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37 Replies to “Chevy Bolt Shines in Electric Car US Sales for March”

  1. Bob McCausland

    Nissan makes money on ICE cars, they lose money on the Leaf. The dealership model is a huge problem for them. Some recalls are welcomed by dealerships because it increases showroom traffic incentivizing customers to trade up from one money pit to another. Tesla has profit margin. The dealership model does not work. Soon electric cars will be as cheap to buy cheaper to run and the only car that people want will be electric. Toyota has margin on hybrids, so does Hyundai and Kia. The Niro and the Kona are offered as hybrids because those cars are money pits too. They will promote the hybrids and sell as few as possible until they can catch up to Tesla. The m

  2. Steven Theisen

    As an automobile, the Bolt is a good dare I say premium car. It is no Tesla, but I use them in my employer fleet and the Bolt is my preferred car in a lineup of Prius, Camry Hybrids, Rav4 Hybrids, and Leafs. I sometimes take the leafs just so they won't sit around. lol

  3. scottysize

    I'm looking to get my wife either the Kona or Niro EV next year. They should both be out next year and ready to sell. She isn't 100% sold on my Model 3, and the price point really sticks for her, so she's leaning more toward those two cars. I LOVE my model 3, and she can't have it. LOL

  4. SMS Speedway

    Nice to hear someone being scientific about the Tesla sales. They are strong and leading the pack. Alex makes great points about the expected update but Tesla is still selling everything that it can make and that's something as its production capability keeps going up.

  5. Ifeanyi Ibeanu

    The i-pace is a premium brand, and I hear jaguars don't have the best engine reliability ratings. I guess the question is woould you buy a premium car from a brand that doesn't have a high reliability history, or would you pay 10% more for another that you know as very reliable but has less support?

  6. Trigger Troll

    GMC Chevy bolt is the only real alternative for electric vehicles outside of the big cities in Canada GM has dealerships in all the smaller centres and they have cars on the lot available to test drive and choose from .

  7. eb1888

    Why pay for an Etron or Ipace when the poor efficiency may be an indication of less than a first class engineering effort on the powertrains. There are differences in electric motors and the other components.

  8. Robert Smith

    I think more people in the world have right hand drive cars than you generally think (34% a figure I plucked via Google) so when they start making those that will be another boost for Tesla. I can't wait to see Model 3 in the UK. We will never see the Bolt.

  9. AllGood

    Tom you say people don't care about efficiency, but they will care when they need to replace a 95KW battery on an Etron, compared to the same range 2012 Model S 60KW battery. (They need a 50% + battery for the same range)

  10. Yaw G

    Alex I think the issue with the model S & X is simply as a result of Tesla's focus on the model 3 sales. Once they exhaust the reservations for model 3, S&X will received the needed attention/refresh from Tesla to boost their sakes too.

  11. Yaw G

    I understand results are results but anyone who fails to appreciate the challenges Tesla went through with Europe and China is simply a short seller. Like it or not they have still managed to out sell all EV sales combined by over 60% and without dealers.

  12. Dan Sanger

    Great show! I love the InsideEVs scorecard.

    I'm not a Tesla fanboy, but Model 3 is rightfully dominating the sales because at a semi-affordable price it has finally delivered a practical road trip EV for people who don't like waiting for charging. Bjorn has been roadtripping his, and he's amazed at how it usually charges faster than he eats and pees. I plugged in some day-long 500+ mile road trips I have taken into a route planner, and the total charging time en route is way under an hour, which is nothing when you take normal biological requirements into account. Once they enable 250 kW charging, it's really going to approach being a complete non-issue.

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