18 Replies to “Chevy Bolt EV Upgrades!”

  1. MrHydroguy

    Muchkey Car Floor mat- Customize The Picture – Customized for Your Personal Model – Heavy Duty Leather Car Mat Non-Slip Waterproof Black Beige, for BMW, for Ford, for Nissan, for Jeep, for Chevrolet.

    Search with the above on Amazon they wont let me post the link.

  2. Wassis Wally Lo Khan Kin

    I use my phone to illuminate the charge port if I have to charge in the dark. Cheap and efficient. One other thing: I took the rubber insert out of my rear seat's cup holder (that I don't use very often) and put it in the front. Now, whatever I throw in my front cup holder does not rattle. Hope you find this helpful, too.

  3. Jcewazhere

    I'm probably getting one of those ugly orange colored Bolts this weekend (they're the only ones I can afford for sale near me). I'm thinking black vinyl tiger stripes may make it slightly less ugly 😛

    To be fair it's growing on me, like the Cybertruck, the more I look at it the less ugly it is.

    I initially liked the Bolt on paper due to its range and power, then the test drive clinched it. Especially when I tried a Fiat 500e and e-Golf after the Bolt. They just seemed to have no power and the range anxiety hit harder than I expected. Worse yet I'd have to keep my '93 Impreza for longer trips if I got either of the smaller ones and it's starting to fall apart.

  4. David Perry

    Things I would change in the bolt design if I was the designer is automatic AC with a cool green LED display instead of manual ac even in the base model, 10 powered driver and 4 powered front passenger seats for the base model that are wider and as comfortable as an old-school 90s impala, use scratch-resistant plastics, rubber inserts for the cup and phone holders, dual front USB ports, better carpet, a push-button or rotary shift, and futuristic warning chimes that is more fitting for an EV like this Hyundai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISGZOc0F-D0 instead of the GM chimes but, not exactly the same.

  5. julio zepeda

    Very useful video!
    But in the mean time, I'm using a battery operated nitelight that you put around your neck I bought at HomeDepot for $10.00.
    I put it in the charge port and it looks like the real thing

  6. joshua smith

    One of the first things I did driving from the lot after buying my car; I went to Walmart to buy a small hard plastic tub, (use it putting food from restaurants in), and a large hard plastic tub, (for putting food and drinks in from grocery shopping), so didn't mess up the flooring. The bucket tubs keep condensation from cold food or drinks from getting onto the flooring.

  7. Andrew Le

    I wish all new cars (or EVs) just came with Weathtech rubber floor mats that cover completely all the floor area, either for just the driver or all the seats.. .is it that much more expensive a cost than regular carpet floor mats?

  8. John Fig

    Also found charging port didn't have enough light, found a simple solution and installed it myself. Does require a battery, but is working fine for me. Added window deflectors — water comes pouring in if it is raining and you still want some air. Find the storage are and cup holders hard to use at night because it is so dark in that area. Any inexpensive suggestions for adding some lighting under the touch screen area to lighten up the area. (Bolt newbie in the Chicago area). Would also like to know if there is a way to reduce the reflection from the dashboard onto the windshield?

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