Chevy Bolt EV Max Regenerative Braking Indicator

The Bolt EV DIC provides a max regen braking available indicator. Maximum regenerative braking appears to depend on conditions, but it is available after 3.5 to 4 kWh used. Even at 100% SOC, it has ~5 kW available.

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  1. David Drake

    Keith: after taking off hill top reserve I charged at 120 set at 12A to full at 280 in the center. Went down the mountain and lower foothills picking up more regen charge till at Escondido at the bottom of the last down grade I had 379 miles in the center readout. I was worried the battery might have been hurt, but so far all is well. I do use Hill Top Reserve now and only get 340 to 350. What a car!! Such great engineering! Better than any other full production Electric on the market!

  2. David Drake

    Hey thanks for researching and testing this vehicle. The more I drive this as an Uber driver the more impressed I am in the engineering. And you can watch movies and videos while parked up to 5 MPH. After that only audio-but when you stop at a stop sign or light from 5 MPH the video comes back on.

  3. Chevy SparkEV

    Living on top of a hill, I'm painfully aware of lack of regen when the battery is full with SparkEV. I manually disconnect charging at about 80% (also supposedly good for the battery). I think Bolt has 90% limit that's settable by user? Then one would never have to worry about not having max regen and using friction brakes.

  4. Chris Epler

    Obviously the return on regen when your battery is full doesn't matter much, so is what you're talking about here the amount of DRAG also being a factor, ie: you have less 'braking' power when the battery is full? I can see that being something to get used to…

    -impatiently awaiting Bolts in PA-

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