Chevy Bolt EV 2017 Secrets "Never pay to Charge again"

Chevy Bolt EV 2017 Secrets “Never pay to Charge again”, most people don’t know this but, All Chevy Dealerships that sells EV’s will let you charge your car for FREE!!!!!

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  1. B Fun

    I just bought a 2017 Chevrolet BOLT today for Cheap (24k) with only 8300 miles. I have chargepoint chargers at the college about a mile from where I live that don't cost anything. I ride a "hoverboard" to and from the college when I need to charge on the cheap. Also at my work there are 110 outlets by some of the parking spots that I can utilize when I am working. This is my 2nd EV which was a GREAT step up from a 70 mile range EV (16kwh battery) which I still own and plan to use. I love not having to stop for gas or pay for it. Free charging makes it even better.

  2. Greg Collins

    How stupid. These early adopters think that they will never have to share the charging infrastructure – let alone pay for it. Get a clue, and get a charger. Congrats on a wonderful car, now help build the charging infrastructure so EVs will work for all. There is no practical way to share a few chargers once a lot of EVs are on the road.

  3. vgarmash

    HA-HA-HA. This is the most stupid tip I ever saw. Your best solution to running out of juice in the car: just ride the bike… Why bother to take the car out of garage then? For winter you can just use cross country ski to get to work, that fine. And don't forget – people have legs, so we can WALK!

  4. Phoenix ElecAutoAssoc

    There are also lots of free charging locations while you eat or shop. Use the free ap plugshare dot com to find them. You could also get Solar PV at your home that runs your home and car. You could work at a place with free charging or at an apartment with free charging. But it cost so little just charge at home. it's about 50 cents of electric vs a gallon of gas (2018 June $3 a gal) PLEASE DON"T BLOCK A PUBLIC CHARGER ALL DAY.

  5. Derek introvert

    How Much Tax Payers Money does Tesla get Billions!!!!!!! But when GM & Chrysler get bale out .People in America get upset. how much in Profit does Tesla Make ????? Please research it People !!!!!!!

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