Chevy Bolt Electric: Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know!

( ) Chevy Bolt Electric: Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know!

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21 Replies to “Chevy Bolt Electric: Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know!”

  1. justin Case

    Are there any electric car haters out there? Looking through this thread I would say yes quite a few. As I read about why, most of it comes to cost – simple motor and a battery why should it cost 35K? Interesting question. I don't blame GM but looking at the Macro picture here – What would happen to all the car companies if they sold this car for 15K$ Let's say it cost 10K to make – would the companies be able to turn a profit? If not would they go out of business? What about the Oil Companies? Do you think they are lobbying congress to keep these cars off the road? What about Oil Drillers? And how do they pressure auto companies into keeping this market smallish? Is it through political and regulatory pressure? If others know more about these tactics please feel free to jump in – but It's pretty clear to me that these cars will not be allowed to be mass produced at cheaper prices even IF they are cheaper to build. And the big car interests, oil companies and engine suppliers are fighting like crazy for a piece of the action OR to limit the party to just a few fringe dedicated buyers. I wish it weren't so but that's how I see it. Time will change this but combustion engine cars have a 100 year head start on EV.

  2. solarstacks

    You can get the Bolt brand new at Maher Chevrolet in St Petersburg Florida. They take the FED $7,500 so you get the full deal. They sell them for $27K and will deliver all over the USA. I could not find a better price than them. I live in Arizona.

  3. manoman0

    The charging possibilites for the Bolt is really a strong side; if you want don't take long long trips you dont' need to spend the 750 dollars on fast charging. GM is right, most EV's will never be completely discharged. GM did its homework.

  4. David Bagley

    Wow ugliest car ever. The reason why Tesla sells is because they dont look just awful (except for the Model X). Why cant the other manufacturers get that. I realize they are going for aero dynamics but come on guys you can build a good looking EV car. Would never buy a Tesla. What a disaster that company is. Love the vids. Keep them coming.

  5. hgodtx

    One small correction, he stated that the Bolt comes with Navigation. It does not. It uses android auto, when you plug in your android auto compatible phone you then can see on the Bolts console the 3D Nav screen projected from your phone. Note that Chevy makes no claims to compatibility with specific phones. Nor do any service techs nor customer service reps have access to any lists that would publish compatible phones. My Huawei Mate 9 turned out to be incompatible, drove to the dealer and asked them to find out what phone I could purchase to make sure it was compatible and no one could find the answer even after calling upstream. Very frustrated that I had to take a crap shoot and guess at purchasing a Note 8 and thankfully it worked.

  6. A3 Skywarrior

    why can't chevy make the cars look cool instead of this geeky looking compact car? I love the technology and can't wait to get rid of gasoline stations, oil changes, spark plug changes, coolant changes filter changes etc but can you make the cars look cool for the average man? C'mon the torque is sweet but the look is gay.

  7. Yeah Goodluckwiththat

    That is not how the federal tax credit works. You don't get $7500 in cash in April. It is a tax credit that if you owe anything in taxes in April it will help offset the taxes you owe up to $7500. A lot of states incentives are the same. You don't get squat if you don't owe anything in taxes. I wish dealers would stop the lies that say the car cost less with the tax credit when it simply does not…

  8. AlainHubert

    A question: in that agressive regenerative breaking mode test you did, how much energy was recuperated compared to the energy needed for that acceleration to 40 mph ? Certainly not 100% ?

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