25 Replies to “Chevy Bolt Cabin Air Filter Replacemenet – No Tools Required!”

  1. Brian Lee

    Just replaced the cabin air filter in my 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV – LT trim, thanks to your video.

    One tip: When removing the piston from the compartment door, be careful not to remove it too forcefully, since when I was trying to get the piston off of the side hook, I exerted some pressure to get it off but caused the piston cylinder, which is hollow, to separate from its cap, which covered the top of the cylinder. Luckily, the cap is a separate piece from the cylinder, but you can see that the creator of this video does not cause the cylinder of the piston and its cap to be separated.

  2. Idol Hanz

    Please do a maintenance video on changing the wiper blades, changing the the AGM 12 volt Battery, changing exterior and interior lamps starting with headlights! That would be way cool to produce on any of those 2017 Bolt EV maintenance procedures!

  3. eckert81

    I saw the earlier video showing disconnection of the damper at the lower end and thought I was just going to pay the dealer to do it. Then I saw your video and (always a last resort!) actually read the manual. Your instructions gave the details the manual didn't. I couldn't believe how easy it was to disconnect and reconnect the damper once you know how. Since it was my first time, it took five minutes, most of which was emptying all the junk out of the glove box. Many thanks!

  4. Carlton Wilson

    Excellent , you included all the necessary details – I just changed mine , the secret was knowing to flex the top of the bin and where to disconnect and reconnect the damper.
    The directions in the owner's manual are woefully inadequate. Your example made it so easy !
    Thank you – 2 thumbs up

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