Chevy Bolt August 2020 road trip

Our first trip in our new 2020 Chevy Bolt. Comparison to the 2019 LEAF we traded in for it, plus driving the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel that I’ve long desired to see and cross off my list of engineering marvels to visit, and in this case, drive on it.

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  1. kens97sto171

    Great video guys, the Bolt EV is a really nice car that for some reason the automotive press seems to ignore and try to pretend doesn't exist.
    I realize you guys live on the East coast and Ohio .. land of the police state , and things are different out there. But The driving at 55 miles per hour would absolutely drive me INSANE! LOL.
    Out here in West Texas the speed limit is 80, and everyone goes 85 to 90. You would absolutely get cremated out here if you tried to go 55. In fact you would probably get pulled over and given a ticket. Even our two lane state highways the speed limit is 75.
    You might try is to do the same loop you just did or a similar one that you're familiar with. Run it at higher speed, and stay in the lower section of the battery you can run the bolt safely down to 1% without much risk.
    The bolt is extremely accurate about its estimated range.
    And even once it gets below that into the yellow where it's just blinking low battery you still have a few miles.
    Obviously you have to keep the charging infrastructure stops in mind when you're planning this.
    But the bolt will ramp up to maximum charge rate pretty quickly from low battery state and then tapers at about 55%.
    But it seemed like every charging stop you were at you were still pretty high in the battery charge.
    With electrified America you're paying by the minute, you're better off to try to keep the rate high and the battery state lower.
    I realize you were coming from a Nissan leaf that I'm sure had serious issues with no thermal management and made you much more cautious about abusing the battery pack. That is not an issue with the bolt, or a Tesla for that matter.
    You might take a look at News Coulomb
    He has a 17 bolt EV with 100,000 plus miles. And travels extensively on the West coast. He definitely knows how to maximize your travel time and cost with the bolt EV I don't know of another YouTube channel where an owner road trips as extensively as he does and has it really down efficiently.
    One thing I noticed is you're driving on the highway in L mode.
    I have heard that is not the best way to do it on the interstate. You're better off coasting more..
    I absolutely love the Bolt EVs instrument cluster. It gives you easy to read concise information that's actually useful to help you realize your range and which way it's trending.
    Great work on the video, definitely enjoyed watching your road trip. It was really cool when you got to drive through the fort.
    Keep up the great work looking forward to seeing more videos.

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