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  1. fxp

    So the car is basically shit. Neither a good EV nor a good ICE. It looks bad, interior looks rubbish tbh, acceleration is garbage (lol 9s 0-60mph). Not sure what klutz designed this. Thank god for Tesla to revolutionize the car industry and make something good.

  2. Patrick Flohe

    This is a great car, and I love it.
    My '19 Volt gets over 50 miles on a charge, and I average over 90 MPG.
    I currently average over 111 MPG, and my lifetime is 114.
    The Generation 2 ('16 and later) has fantastic efficiency, and handles great.
    I don't know what's with these guys doing the review….the brakes feel and work fine, and for heaven's sakes, they hardly ever get used. People with 150-200,000 miles on these things, have barely any brake wear.
    Use the regen features, and you barely get any brake engagement at all.
    Drive in "Low", and the brakes don't come in to play until you're down to 1-2 MPH, or unless you have to do a maximum energy stop.
    When I drive in D and don't use the regen paddle switch, the brakes are just fine.

  3. RagingWhiteman

    I am looking at a used Volt. LT or Premium? 2015s are around $13k with a average of 50k miles. Any pointers on buying one? I live in Washington and commute on 16 to I5 average 65mph. 40 miles one way. Great video too with helpful information. Have not test drove one yet. Maybe in December this year.

  4. Milo Kovet

    Had one for 8 months. Put 10k on the car, and then, at 108,000 miles the transmission went out on the freeway. The dealership quoted me $6,400 to fix it. I said no way and bought a used transmission from a place called LKQ. The first transmission LKQ sent was damaged, leaking fluid and not usable. They exchanged the transmission, and the 2nd one arrived. The 2nd transmission was damaged as well, the idiots that salvaged it cut all of the orange cables off the transmission rendering it useless. I am now waiting for the 3rd transmission to come and have not been refunded my money by the shady LKQ company yet. Complete disaster, no warning, and very difficult to fix.

  5. SuperMadpom

    I like this review it's pretty honest. I bought the Holden badged Volt (RHD) a couple of months ago. I commute every day in comfort and calm and speeds from a crawl to 100kph (60mph). It's not super sporty but nail the accelerator to the floor and it swaps lanes or pulls away from junctions with more than enough speed. It's a pleasure to drive and doesn't have the Prius drone. Excellent commuter car that can mile munch too.

  6. Alan Rothfuss

    I just bought a 2014 Volt – and I have to say, I love this car. Rides great, perfect brakes, quiet…its a perfect fit for my life here in RI. I never go more than 10 miles (small state, city driving) and then I pull back into the garage and plug back in. Three months and the engine has never started……so far? Love it.

  7. aszrael1266

    I didn't know you guys did a Volt review. My wife and I are looking to pick up a CPO for her work commute. A friend just got one and I was blown away by their price. You can find CPO Volts for under 15k with under 40k miles. At 15k its very appealing.

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