Chevrolet Bolt vs. Hyundai Ioniq in a race around the Bay, part 1

We pit the convenience Level 2 charging against the speed advantage of DC Fast charging in a race around the San Francisco Bay in two very different electric cars.

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37 Replies to “Chevrolet Bolt vs. Hyundai Ioniq in a race around the Bay, part 1”

  1. holmiumh

    All the "EV enthusiasts" were like: "they are too dumb to own EVs". Well I tell you what if only smart people can have EVs they will never achieve 5% market share.

  2. covercalls88

    This seems to be a competition between personalities rather than between the cars. I still believe if a person was to have just one car a hybrid is the best choice. I built my own electric bicycle is a hybrid, electric power and backup human power, max speed 30 mph, range of 25 miles at that speed and it works very well and by charging daily I have gone for two weeks without having to use my gas powered car. I can carry an additional pack incase I have to visit a lot of places. Things are getting better as there are more charge station coming on line. I am believer that electric are a great for households that have mutiple cars and has easy access for charging at home.

  3. Kimono Gryphon

    As much as a fan of your videos I watch, this one challenge or race was just too hard to watch. The female journalist (Her name escapes me at the moment, my apologies) was at fault due to :

    1) Poor planning. You 'know' you are driving an EV, you should have used apps like Chargepoint, or even the car manufacturer app, as most would have their dedicated charging stations. Get those addresses for the chargers and copy to Wayze, and that app also continuously updates thru its users. Get the entire route of your race, add the chargepoints, then use Wayze to get around.

    In case you were wondering (or not) I was a professional truck driver for 8 years and has about 640,000 miles driven since 1992. Planning your route will keep you sane.

    2) Attitude: Her attitude was 'completely' unprofessional when she complained (to the point of cursing) about plugging the EV in, instead of using gasoline. This actually shows a clear bias, and I would seriously doubt any further opinions she has about cars in general.

    3) The other journalists were 'complete' morons. Again with poor planning and an overall dislike of EVs in general, gave me the impressions the only thing they 'could' reasonably comprehend was where their closest Starbucks was located.

    I don't know if she (along with the other journalist buffoons here in this video driving the Bolt) were trying to be 'edgy' 'funny' or just trying to make herself (and themselves by association) more interesting than other car testers, but believe me, it isn't working.

    To Roadshow: Get a new reviewer. I'd even suggest a different course of employment for her, like a pizza shop manager or something.

    Just for $#!Ts and giggles, I'm going to watch part 2 to see how many glaring examples of pure $#!t-for-brains auto journalist excellence.


  4. Clint Musgrove

    I'm looking at both cars before I buy. I was excited to find this comparison but disappointed after watching. Roadshow should be embarrassed to publish this amateurish story. Likable enough people buy it's more about their incompetence than it was about the cars. Uneven routes(the bolt went much farther), backtracking due to not using basic smartphone navigation, poor planning for charging… Was the Bolt set to charge at 12amps or the default 8amps? How about more effort in the future!

  5. johnny mars

    This is why I drive a Volt with no range anxiety: 53 MPC and 400 miles of range with a full tank of gas. The charging infrastructure is just not there yet, including Tesla's. On the other hand, most EV drivers can charge at home, and you can always rent an ICE for long tours. For me, 200 MPC is the sweet spot. You don't want to be carrying around TOO much battery, as weight and cost add up.

  6. Sam

    So the bolt has a bigger battery than the Hyundai and can also fast charge….so the Hyundai is basically shit.
    Anyways, electric cars are a fad….they pollute more than their gas counterparts.
    Biofuels and hydrogen are the future, not these toys.

  7. Harald Heijmans

    I’m hoping that not all Americans are this dumb. This paints a picture of Americas that is very unflattering. But I’m hoping that these people are super conservatives who oppose all change, instead of a real reflection of American society.

  8. Isaiah Garcia

    You guys really had no idea what you were doing, or you just played dumb for the sake of creating this terrible, uninformative content 😂
    Of course a 50kW DC charger is going to be faster that a measly 7kW level 2 charger…

  9. Jai Bhavaya

    You paint a very invalid and non-flattering picture of an EV.

    Why would you limit it to level 2? This basically disqualifies this video from being any kind of a practical metric for the practicality of this kind of trip in an EV. No one uses level 2 on a road trip, level 3 chargers are pretty much everywhere now. I hope people watching this will look for other resources, because going on a long trip in an EV does not take anywhere near this level of obsessive planning. Knowing your route, sure. Knowing general locations of chargers, sure. But there are apps that make that trivial.

  10. Eddie Radovic

    One of the most poorly put together videos I’ve seen. Stopped watching at 3:56…long story short. The Bolt team off the line goes super fast to gain a “lead” on the Ioniq. In doing so wasting energy just with that and makes a “wrong turn” which adds 10 miles to their trip. The lady in the Ioniq admits to forgetting her charge point card. Really??? Wtf you guys should have just restarted the race. AND when the Bolt driver was asked how much charge time and miles they would gain he has no clue. You are doing a challenge with zero preparedness/knowledge.

  11. Hayden Richau

    The only annoying thing with this is, there are websites and apps that tell you where to charge based on your travel route. So it’s turn by turn gps with built in stops that you select…

  12. Pete Miller

    It's great to see both parties came extremely prepared and planned ahead for the race (This is where I say "sarcasm" because Roadshow may not get it). I would really like to see a video if they were to wing it (more sarcasm). I am surprised they actually showed up with keys for the cars (No sarcasm). If I wold be your boss I would can this video because it reflects poorly on my brand (No sarcasm). But I must admit it is entertaining…..kinda like watching President Trump making a speech. Cheers.

  13. T Long

    My first thought was these people should have planned better. But in a real life spontaneous road in a EV, what they experienced is real. Plus they all were inexperienced EV drivers not even know in the connection type.

  14. Jonathan Wang

    For goodness sake. These people are such noob or they are playing being noobs. Seriously, they didn't look into the difference between a level 3 and level 2 charger. The Level 3 fast chargers are seriously big, geez how can they miss that. I own a Leaf for over 4 years in the Bay Area. I carry around 6 different charging cards in my car- Charge Point, Blink, EVgo, GreenLot, Sema Charge and GE. Just having a Charge Point account is not going to cut it. There are more EVgo and Blink fast chargers then Charge Point. And Blink don't have CCS the Hyundai Ioniq takes. Seriously, use the Plug Share app and plot out your route before you head off. These people either want the video to look more excited than the trip really is or they are cluless.

  15. S T

    Longtime EV fan here… even invested to have my car changed to EV years ago. That being said videos like this deter people from buying EV vehicles by not showing real-world experiences like not using AC or heater, etc… which makes any vehicle seem "gimmicky" much like this video. Obviously, the Chevy Bolt would beat the Hyundai Ioniq by just using the faster charger. The premise isn't apples to apples and makes the whole video nonsense…. in the sense, that hopefully, people aren't this daft by missing charging stations, etc… Murica'.

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